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How do you beat the elite four?

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2016-08-24 13:44:31

Beating the Elite 4 can vary depending on the game you have

however some good ideas to use are as follows: Make sure your

Pokemon are at high levels using either the same or higher than the

Elite 4's Pokemon, make sure you use a Pokemon with a type

advantage against an Elite 4 trainer such as for example you can

use Fire-types against Ice, Grass and Steel-type trainers and you

can use Electric-types against Water-type and Flying-type trainers,

make sure to opt to use the correct move in the proper situation so

don't use your best one if your opponent only has 1 HP left unless

you're certain the trainer is going to use a restorative item, make

sure to stock up on items especially Revives, Full Restores and

various types of Potions such as Max Potions for example and make

sure you have a lot of money since you may not beat the Elite 4 on

the first go-around so you may need to buy more items than you did

the first time.

Also you can save before battling each trainer so that if you

lose due to a mistake you made during the battle then you can just

turn off the game and turn it back on and re-challenge the trainer

to try it again.

Other opinions are to have a tough team that features Water,

Fire and Electric-type attacks.

For the first Elite Trainer use attacks such as either Fighting,

Fire, Ice or Electric-types, for the 2nd Elite Trainer use Fire,

Ice or Electric-type attacks, for the 3rd Elite Trainer use

Fighting-type attacks and for the 4th Elite Trainer you can use

Dragon or Ice attacks and for the Champion you can use Electric and

Water attacks, Water-type attacks can be used to beat Rock and


One suggested team for beating the Elite 4 is with Lucario,

Torterra, Dialga and Honchkrow.

A suggested team for beating the Elite 4 in LeafGreen is:

Level 100 Venusaur - Solar Beam, Sunny Day, Earthquake and

Frenzy Plant.

Level 62 Magcargo - Rock Slide, Fire Blast, Hyper Beam and


Level 87 Mewtwo - Swift, Recover, Skill Swap and Psychic

Level 94 Blastoise - Waterfall, Surf, Hydro Cannon and Hydro


Level 63 Raikou - Thundershock, Thunder, Thunderbolt and


Level 77 Articuno - Steel Wing, Ice Beam, Fly and Blizzard.

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