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Dr. Hare is using mind-control rabbot ears on 24 Carrot island, and Sir Rebral is using telekinesis on Super Power Island.

(see the two related questions)


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you press 2+5+@@@+control=automatically beats poptropica

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You can't beat Poptropica in 1 Minute. You can never do that.Instead of looking up cheats just beat Poptropica your self.

Type in 'How do you beat skullduggeryisland on poptropica?' and you will get the answer.

If you beat an island on Poptropica you should know you beat it because, If you beat it you should get a medal and a few coins! Hope that helps!

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you beat it by when you first arrive

well there is a very good explanation if you type in on poptropica how do you beat dr.hares?

Poptropica is a kid-friendly game, and therefore cannot beat up people.

Both, because you need to control your mind in order for it to control you

There is currently no Ancient Island on Poptropica.

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The person on Youtube named secretscp probably beat it. That person is a genius when it comes to poptropica.

Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth Island, Big Nate Island, and 24 Carrots Island are the easiest Poptropica islands to beat.

you cant beat its no way everb to beat this games

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You can beat the mini game in legendary sword on poptropica by using the cheat codes.

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There is not a poptropica 2. But it would be awesome if it was. Once you beat poptropica then you have to wait for a new island to come out.

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