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the wind waker is an inanimate object also its NOT IN TWILIGHT PRINCESS

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there are none i beat the game

This is a walkthrough guide for the game.

i assume you mean the "Guardian Statues" in Zelda Twilight Princess.

Because you're not good enough?

Beat the darknut at the top of the Temple of Time.

In the woods, there's a little guy to beat

you have to get the double clawshot from the miniboss.

When you beat the mid-boss, from the city in the sky.

it's the same as how do you beat the earth temple in wind waker

You have to beat the frog miniboss in the lakebed temple.

You get it in the sky temple when you beat the mini boss.

The ball & chain? You have to beat the mini-boss in the mountain mansion place.

There's no one or thing that goes buy that name.

well, once you get farther in the game and beat Arbiter's grounds (a.k.a the sand temple) you find it

if you meen temple you can get a cheat book at target for the whole game

You have to beat the mini-boss in the first temple, which is Ook, a white monkey

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