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How do you become a Michelin chef?

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well, my ambition in life is to become a Michelin star chef, so

to become one you must apply for it, and then you will be judged

and may or may not be awarded the star.

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First, you attend a world class culinary arts school to become a

professional Chef.

Then, if you have what it takes, you may land a job in a well

respected kitchen being trained

by an experienced Chef. Hopefully, you will learn much and

progress through the various stations in the kitchen. Perhaps then,

you will be ready to move on to your first head Chef

position. If you're good ... really good, and your food is

exceptional, you might be able to

qualify for a star.

You earn that star for your restaurant by being among the best

of the best.


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If this is a question from a US-based person...

The FIRST thing you must do to be a Michelin chef is to have a

restaurant in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Las

Vegas. A Michelin chef is one whose restaurant is in the Michelin

Guide, and those are the only four US cities where there are

Michelin Guides.

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