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How do you become a chav?

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2008-12-10 20:14:56

These Steps are targeted at female chavs == Steps ==

===Look Like a Chav===

# For clothes, invest in some trackies (tracksuit bottoms,

preferably white) also wear a hoodie, either in white, blue or baby


# For hair, make sure your hair is always high up in a ponytail

or bun. Either on the side or straight. (Hair down and straightened

with a matching headband looks really chavvy. Go for it!)

# For makeup the more you wear the better, almost to the point

of not being able to feel your face. wear loads of eyeliner and

really clumpy mascara. also foundation

# For jewellery, buy big hooped earrings and wear lots of gold

rings. ===Get the Attitude===

# Get chewing gum and have it all the time and chew it all the


# swear allot

# Get to know the chavvy music. (Clubland and Now music)

# play loud music in the street.

# Shout a lot in public.

# Drink Coke and eat a bar of chocolate for snack time and don't

go packed lunches go school lunches always

== Tips ==

*Don't go round declaring that you're a chav, other people will

think you're a poser.

*Swear for no reason.

*Always wear DC shoes or pumps or uggs either lepord print or


* Use Chav Language Da=Dont ken=know or i know get BEBO and

stuff and MSN messenger always wear Mckenzie jackets

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