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How do you become a chosen one on Pokemon pearl PLEASE HELP?

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get National pokedex and the regis

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How do you become the chosen one in Pokemon pearl?

To become the chosen one you must get the National Pokedex and all the regis

Where is regirock on Pokemon Pearl?

there is no regirock in Pokemon pearl,migrate please to get regirock

Can you become a Pokemon on pearl?


When did torterra become a Pokemon?

In pokemon diamond and pearl

PLease tell me the directions to the rare Pokemon store in pearl?

What rare Pokemon store?I never saw one in my Pokemon pearl game.

How do you become a Pokémon in Pokémon pearl?

you don't become a Pokemon

Can you become a Galactic Grunt in Pokemon pearl?


Can you become gym leader in Pokemon pearl?

NO retard

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl can you become a gym leader?


How do you get in the harbor Inn in Pokemon Pearl?

You need the Mystery Gift Members CardI have beaten Pokemon Pearl please tell me where you are at and I will be able to help

Can someone please tell me all the ways to clone items and Pokemon in pearl PLEASE?

get dido and another Pokemon and put in daycarecenter.

What is behind the ladies in the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon pearl please tell?

theres something bronze...

Action replay codes please Pokemon pearl?

Is there an Action Replay code to get the Pokemon Heatran for the Pearl game If there is please tell me Please?

i dont think there is.

Where is the Pokemon mansion on Pokemon Pearl?

It is at Route 212. Please, At Platinum, you could get the Poke'dex entry for Manaphy.

Where do you find a calcium in Pokemon Pearl?

People still play pokemon wow if you read this please trade with me

Is there a Pokemon game called Pokemon pearla?

Actually there is, it is however an unaproved knock-off of Pokemon pearl. Please dont buy it!

What happens when you get Pokemon diamond and Pokemon Pearl?

you probably want to play it if you dont want that as your answer please improve your question

How do you become world champion in Pokemon pearl?

Beat everybody else.

What is the strangest Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl and Diamond?

Please feel free to add what you think is the strangest Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl.1. Ugly wise its Purrugly.2. Form wise Gastrodon and Shellos.

How do you become part of team galactic on Pokemon Pearl Version?

You cannot be a member of Team Galactic in Pokémon Pearl.

How do you be a Pokemon Pearl?

Well that is the name of the video game.You can't become a "Pokemon Pearl."If you wanna buy the game go to your local video game store.

What is the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl action replay code to become a Pokemon?


In Pokemon pearl what Pokemon evolves with a Sun Stone?

I know that Gloom can become Bellossom with a sun stone

Can you trade your Pokemon from emerald to your pearl?

Yes but you will need to go to pal park and migrate 6 of chosen favorite.