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By being good looking, playing good songs, and playing publicly in any place you can!

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When did brokencyde become a band?

Brokencyde started in 2006 but become a band and started to get famous in 2008.

How did the band ACDC become famous?


How did the band The Script become famous?

they sing songs

In what year did the band Green Day become famous?


Why did Paramore become famous?

because paramore is a great band....

When did the band called rolling stones become famous?


When did the wanted become a famous boy band?

2009. xx

How did Hedley become famous?

Hedley became famous by their band member placing 3rd in Canadian idol, which set a good vibe for the band

How can you become famous like the boys in mindless behavior band?

become a rapper and learn to dance

How many songs do you need to become a famous band?

At least four.

Who helped the band one direction to become famous?

Simon Cowell.

How did the band black veil brides become famous?

I think they just became famous from the internet :) <---- Youtube

When did the band Marilyn Manson become famous?

1989.. And the band is originally called "Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids"

How can your band become famous?

Youtube. create alot of songs and lyrics or something like that and post it on youtube. sooner or later you will become famous on youtube try entering concerts or contests as a start to become famous.

Can a band from New Hampshire become famous?

It seems so, have you heard the Shaggs ?

How did Kerry katona become famous?

By singing in girl band atomic kitten

How did Nat Wolff become famous?

Nat Wolff became famous from his TV show, the Naked Brothers Band

How do you meet Katy?

It is simple one direction was not famous. Then they were famous so if you make ur own band then become famous then you might meet her

When did Louis Armstrong become famous?

Louis Armstrong became famous by playing jazz on Kid Ory's band,also he learned to play the cornet in Kid Ory's Band

How did alex wolff become famous?

he got into the naked brothers band and tv show

What are the chances of a 12 year old starting a band called Blue Day later in life?

It depends ... If the 12 year-old is just wanting a garage band or the band to become famous the chances to become famous these days are very low and very hard to acheive. But Good Luck!

How did Max Green become famous?

Max playes bass for a band called Escape the Fate. The band became famous 'cause a competition on the radio. They won and got to tour with MCR.

How does a band become famous?

Connecting the music with the people and by also having Myspace, websites, CDs, etc. Anything that could promote the band.

How did the band all-star weekend become famous?

i am pretty sure the band all star weekend became famous from the televison show "the next star" on the kids channel " YTV"

How did Freddie mercury become famous?

He and his band (Queen) became successful, and toured in many countries.