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i dont know sweeties but i will find out - Miley Cyrus

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How do you become a famous singer when youre 11?

make up titles and songs like i do

Most famous female singer?

I depends on what genre youre talking about cause they would all be different.

Who was the lead singer for The Students?

If youre asking about the doo wop group singer, his name is Richie Johnson

Who is the main singer in the song youre a jerk?

The main singer of the song "you're a jerk" are the "New Boyz".

How can a nine year old become famous?

you make songs and then call the radio station then practice.just belive kids you have to this is youre dream

What happens if teenagers are in love?

depends how old you are if youre older than 18 get married right out of highschool if youre younger just wait till youre out of high school just wait to get married if youre truly in love

What is a famous quote from Granville Woods?

youre damned if you do and youre damned if you don;t

Would Cristiano ronaldo go out with a girl that has 12 years between them?

depending on if youre younger. if you are 12 years younger of course! if you older you have no Chance granny.

Where are famous places in Georgia?

jiggly parts are what youre grandma has.

Do girls like to be french kissed?

yes they do make sure you take it slow if youre younger though

What is adelaide famous for?

If youre referring to the CBD itself then probably the Malls Balls.

Who was considered to be the most famous of the philosophes Voltaire diderot or Rousseau?

Youre gay

How do you become a Jonas brother?

ummm... u dont. well, if youre a close friend and all, MAYBE, but youre probaly not, so, not to ruin your mood, but never.

How do you become a female?

if youre a guy and you want to be a girl just go to the doctor and ask them to change youre boyish private part into a girlish private part.

If you kiss someone while youre on your period would you become pregnant?

No, only if you have sex

How do you become a yourself into Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

you cant youre talking about mystery dungeon

How can you get a 13 year old girl to like you?

Depends how old you are. If youre younger then just be real and more mature and find things you have in common. Personality is everything.

How old do you need to be to become an ant?

at least 18 so youre an the way im a kid

Who is the child singer singing feliz navidad with an older Mexican guy?

If youre talking about the Hyundai commercial, it's Alexa Narvaez and her father Jorge.

I am a 15 year old boy and I want to get a producer's or an agent's attention so I can get some type of big time deal going please help me I'm a solo artist can anyone help?

Dear kid, i think you should follow youre dream because no one can tell you if youre good enough or not....i say that because i wanna become a singer or actor and my bff are always hanging out each other and always one more time my modo is to follow youre dreams......take care luv,javy_101

Im a 16 year-old and you want to get married to a 26yeard-old and your parents are ok with. Can i get married?

Nooo you aree toooooo young trust me,you may think youre ready but yu will regret it the day after youre married,unless youre ready to face the responsibilities such as paying bills,doing taxes,having/raising a child then okayy..but like my opinion personally being one year younger then you is wait till youre at least 18.

Will nick date a eleven year old?

well if he got to know you and really fell in "LOVE" then yes because age is nothing but a number and youre not that younger and if you are mature enough for him

Is zaiman427 famous?

zaiman427 is suprizingly famous on youtube, mostfungames, and his website zrawsome zaiman says in a stage interview he loves raping and r and b anything bwith fast rhyming hes goal is to hook up with zendaya Coleman and be a rapper/singer so what out world zai is the next drake oh and zendaya he swipe you off youre perfect little feet or so he says.

In avatar how do you play as the RDA?

you must shoot Harper, Harper kills youre avatar with a bow and arrow, and you become a RDA.

Do flamingos eat chicken nuggets?

it is illegal to feed flamingos chicken nuggets it can kill them or they will become addicted to them and become obese and eat your chickens and your brain and they will lick youre face.