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You become a heart surgeon by studying cardiology and specializing in this field. You can take additional classes, residencies and training to become a heart surgeon.


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You will need to choose your specialty such as neurosurgeon, cardiovascular sergeon, or something like that, and that will take you 4 years of specialization after finishing MD plus 2 year internship.

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Cerebral Palsy, also known as CP, was discovered by William Little, a English Sergeon, in the 1860's.

exactly what the job name states: X-ray tech to take the x ray of a patient, develop them and preset them to the orthopepic sergeon to further discussion with the patient. I am an Orthodedic sergeon and without a good X-ray tech my job would be alot harder and im your boss =)

Heart awareness is the awareness of the heart, mainly to either learn about it or to become concerned about it because of a disease or malfunction.

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One, would become a cardiologist to help others. To help those who have with heart problems and heart diseases. this is a commen thing and is not their faults. The cardiologist is the one who makes sure that your heart is functioning properly.

Palpitation is a "symptom". A person is aware of his or her heart beat. When you run for a while and stop you become aware of your heart beat for sometime. That is palpitation. When you are nervous, at times you become aware of your heart beating, that is palpitation. In certain heart diseases like atrial fibrillation, one can get palpitation.

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