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How do you become a master scientist in virtual villagers villagers 2?

Drag them to the table near the hut and get them to keep working until they master the job.

How do you make a scarecrow on virtual villagers?

Near the briers there is roots drag a master scientist there

Where are the pots at on virtual villagers 2?

the pots are by the firewood, yur master scientist will find them,

What is after adept in virtual village 2?

the villagers become master at that skill

When can you catch fish on virtual villagers?

In the first virtual villagers, you have to put a master farmer into the lagoon to fish. In the second virtual villagers, you pick up a villager and drag them to the ocean to the left of the screen to fish. When algae is in the water and they refuse to fish, you have to get a master scientist to put alage eating fish in the water. To fish in the third virtual villagers, you have to create a potion for the sharks. Hope this helps!

How do you move the rock on Virtual Villagers The Tree of Life?

What you have to do to make one of your villagers move the rock is make them a Adept Builder or Master Builder (You can not have a Trainee Builder) and make him or her a Master Scientist also, (Not a Adept Scientist or a Trainee Scientist) and then put him or her on the rock and they will pick it up. It's that simple.

How do you become a master scientist in virtual villagers Nintendo DS?

You can become a master if you just leave them on the research table all the time. I've got all mine at expert and a few masters and I'm trying to get a genius at the moment, so just do what I did and wait.

How do you become a master builder on Virtual Villagers the secret city?

All you have to do is keep them building for like a whole day, and it will probably have you as a master builder when you get back on.

How do you make tools in virtual villagers 2?

After you get Exploration Level 2, drag a master scientist to the thorny bushes. Your villager will make a cutting tool!

How do you solve the 5 puzzle in virtual villagers 5?

OK. First you need a master scientist. Then drag him onto the ruined aqueduct. then bring other villagers to restore that aqueduct. [I just corrected the spellings.]

How do you get a master scientist on virtual villagers the lost children?

Drag the villager you want to become a Master Scientist over to the table near the main hut. Leave them there and over time they will become a Master Scientist, just be patient. Also, to make sure they focus and to speed up the process go to the detail menu for that character, and click the box at the far left of the research row. Clicking there will put a checkmark in the box. Good Luck!

How do you get to be master builders on virtual villagers?

What you have to do to become a master builder is that you have to keep making one of your villagers (I suggest a Adept Builder if you have one) build things. if you ran out of huts to build you could just make him or her clear the debris.

On virtual villagers how do you make a adept farmer a master farmer?

The only way to make an adept farmer, or scientist, or adept ANYTHING, into a master, is by having them do the action that requires the skill you want to train them in.

How do you finish the fourth puzzle on virtual villagers origin?

you need a master scientist and you should put him on to the bigger building upward to the scince table, she will find the school

What is the magic water of the lagoon in virtual villagers?

Once farming 3 is acquired you can use a master scientist or farmer to get alge ratting fish out and put them in the ocean

How do you get twins on virtual villagers?

you need to have a woman that is a master parent then you can have twins

How do you complete puzzle 13 in virtual villagers 5?

You need to have a master scientist then you need to buy the second factor of the technology section then put the master onto the board and the Heathen master scientist will approve (hopefully) and you only need to do this 2 times and the mask will come off.

Where is the key stone on virtual villagers 4?

The key stone is where the waterfall used to be, but to get it you have to have someone who is a scientist and an adept or master builder. Then drag the villager on the stone and then they will carry it to the hole.

How do you increase techpoints in virtual villagers 2?

Drag your villagers to the research table. There is no other way to increase tech. Make sure to click on the "detail" button and mark their preference as "research". An untrained villager will earn very little tech, while the higher ranks will earn more. There is untrained, trainee scientist, adept scientist, and master scientist. Obviously, the master scientist earns the most points.

How do you get tech points in virtual villagers?

To get Tech Points in Virtual Villagers 1 or 2, you need to have a villager research. Do do this, simply first click on a villager's info. Then do a check at "Research." Every time he goes to the research table he will become a better scientist, eventually a Master Scientist. Drag the villager to the research table. He will become a better scientist, help you solve things on the island, and earn you tech points. You will have to keep making him earn you tech points until you have enough to buy something with them. (You can buy things with the tech points, such as allowing villagers to harvest coconuts. Click on "Tech" for more info.) Hope this helped!

How do you become a master builder on Virtual Villagers?

Try having them repair all of the huts. Then when that's done, you can keep dragging them to the hut without flowers to "fix it".

How do you get rid of the green alge in the ocean on virtual villagers 2?

You have to get Level 3 Farming Tech, then, in the pool with the waterfall on the right, algae-eating fish will appear. All you need to do is drop a Master Farmer or Master Scientist into the lake.

What is the fourth milestone on virtual villagers?

by using the drum on the right of the school, all the kids will come to class and then they will have a higher skill level when they turn 14. without using the drum, the little they had at 2 will be lost.

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