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How do you become a mermaid without any pain?


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September 12, 2011 11:30PM

okay, have you said the inoucient spell? I know people say that the side effects are horrible, but they aren't as bad as those people make it seem. so really, just every now and then, your legs will get this weird tingle, but nothing to horrible, I'll give you the spell, here it is:

okay, I'm not supposed to just give this spell to you, but trust me, it works, right now I'm into my fisrt week becoming a mermaid, so you can't tell any one, not even your best friend, it really works, you just have to have patience, so if your thinking about showing people when you become a mermaid, that's not a good idea, because every time a girl becomes a mermaid, a mermaid hunter appears, so be forewarned, and please think carefully, here's the spell:

Insouciant inclemency

Redoubtable mediocracy

Refutable humanity

Make me what I wish to be…..


Witches one and witches all

Give this power to me

Repeat 10 times Good luck, just believe, and your dream should come true! 8D