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How do you become a model?

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There are two ways to pursue becoming a model: sign with a modeling agency or become a freelance model. Visit the official websites of modeling agencies in your city/state, which will contain information about how to submit yourself, including what photos to send and if they have open casting calls. Once you're signed, it will be your agent's job to find you work and give you exposure. Freelance modeling means acting as your own agent, finding work, marketing yourself, etc.

2011-11-15 05:10:13
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Q: How do you become a model?
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How can you become a photo-shoot model?

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How do you become a model for Old Navy?

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What do you all need to become a model at age 11?

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What do girls have to do in school to become a model?

There are no educational requirements to become a model so there is no particular class or course that girls need to take in order to become a model or gain interest from an agency.

What can you do to become a model for JUSTICE magazine?

You can become a model at your local mall because I'm a model from the people who passed through the mall but they might not be at the mall

Are you to short to become a model?

no im not too short to become a model as i am 6 foot and 4 inches. All of my friends and family think that i should become a model, but it's just that i will have to find an appropriate agency

How tall do you have to be to become a model?

you have to be atleast 5 foot 7 to become a model. its pretty tall i know.. lol..XD

Do you need to pass any test in order to become a model?

No. There are no formal tests or educational requirements needed to become a model.

Do you have to go to college to become a model?


How do you become a gucci model?

Get an agent.

When did Rihanna become a model?


How do you become a 12yr old model?

Finding an agent is the best way to become a 12 year old model. You can also apply to be a model at local stores or malls to get experience.

How does one become a glamour model in Miami?

To become a glamour model in Miami, one will need a reputable glamour photographer. The key requirements to become a glamour model are to be attractive, have great interpersonal skills, an open mind, and be able to follow instructions.

How Do you become a site model for MySpace?

to become a site model you have to look nice in your photos. make a myspace account with your display name as SITE MODEL then just start adding layout groups

Can you meet Bil Kaulitz if you are a model?

There may be a chance to meet him once you have become a model.

What age did Katie price become a model?

Katie became a model at 17 =] x

Can an Asian person become a model in the US?

yes,but condition is you should have model quality.

How to become a model for kmart?

You will need to join an agency that works with Kmart and be chosen to model.

How do you become a model or actor at a young age?

=== ===

What skills do you need to become a model?

Be hot

How do you become a model for sears?

Look good.

When does Koizumi become a model?

Episode 24

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