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How do you become a sports writer?

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Q: How do you become a sports writer?
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What qualifications do you need to become a sports journalist?

well you need to be a good writer and to no a lot about sports

When was John Lardner - sports writer - born?

John Lardner - sports writer - was born in 1912.

When did John Lardner - sports writer - die?

John Lardner - sports writer - died in 1960.

When was Dick Gordon - sports writer - born?

Dick Gordon - sports writer - was born on 1911-01-15.

When did Dick Gordon - sports writer - die?

Dick Gordon - sports writer - died on 2008-12-08.

How do you contact sports writer at Sports illustrated?

email them

What skills do you need to become a writer?

What skills and qualifactions will i need to become a writer?

Could you tell me how to become a writer?

There is no special to become a writer, in fact the only way to become a writer is to spend time writing. Like the old mantra says practice practice practice. This is the only way to become a writer.

Was it William Shakespeare's dream to be a writer?

to become a writer

What interested Jerry Spinelli in writing?

When he was 16 he wrote a poem about sports. Then did he decide to become a writer instead of becoming a major league baseball player.

Who is the head writer of Sports by Brooks?

The head writer of Sports by Brooks is Brooks. You can learn more about Brooks and his history at Sports by Brooks at the Sports by Brooks website. Once on the page, click on "About" in the left navigation menu to bring up the information.

How did J.K. Rowling become a writer?

She was always a writer.

how do you become a sports writer for a magazine?

I have researched this subject and found several good websites on the subject. This the most informative I looked at.

What rhymes with fighter?

blighter, biter, brighter, lighter, mitre, tighter, whiter, writer, ex-fighter, film writer, folk writer, hack writer, sports writer, letter writer, overnighter, cigarette lighter

What is a purpose of a author in writing?

the purpose of writing is that you will become a better writer the purpose of writing is that you will become a better writer

How does one become a writer for the ballet?

If you want to be a writer for ballet, you have to be smart.

How do you become a writer as a kid?

You become a writer the same way everybody else becomes a writer -- plant your butt in a chair and start writing. Writers are people who write.

At what age did Charles Dickens become a writer?

He became a writer at the age of 12

What can you do with a degree in journalism?

Become a writer

What are the requirements in order to become a sports writer?

A love of sports should be the first requirement, followed by writing skills and the ability to communicate and pass on information. The following website should give you the information you are looking for:

What did mike lupica do before he became a author?

he was a sports colum writer

What year was sports writer Edgar J brown born?


What confinced Jacqueline Wilson to become a writer?

she wanted to become a writer because her poo said Jacqueline Wilson . i know its weird but its real.honest!

How did HG wells become a writer?

one day he hit his head on a desk and went into a coma and when he woke up he decided to become a writer.

How do you become a writer for Disney?

Imagination. Then send it in to them.