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go to,
thats how.

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What movies were max theriot in?

catch that kid the pacifire nancy drew

Who is Gus in the movie catch that kid?

Max ThieriotHe also is in Nancy Drew

Did Nancy drew marry Ned Nickerson?

I don;t know if Nancy drew and Ned Nickerson got married but in the movie from 2007 they kissed at the end she was very close friends with some 12 year old kid from Triana whos in victoras on nickloden ya shes on nancy drew movie.

Who is max theriot?

Max Theriot is an actor who had appeared in movies such as Catch That Kid, The Pacifier, The Astronaut Farmer and Nancy Drew.

Does Dehlia Draycott's kid have children?

Dehlia's child is Jane Brighton and she is a single mother. This is part of the 2007 Nancy Drew movie.

Who is the rich kid in the Nancy Comics?


Rich Kid in Nancy comics?


Does drew seeley have a kid?

I don't think so...

Who plays Drew from Karate Kid?

jaden smith

Is Drew Barrymore a wimpy kid?

Yes She Is she said all the quotes from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

Can a kid become a wizard like in wizards of Waverly place?

yep they can

Does Nancy wake have any kid?

Yes she had bloody 22 kids!!

Where can a kid become famous?

some people like their kids to go on commercials!

Can you become Bella Swans kid?

No you cannot become 'bella's kid' unless you are a fictional character.

Who does the voice of Sid the science kid?

Drew Massey,a puppeteer for jim henson.

What books are recommended by people?

Left Behind. They're about the End Times, when Christ will return. They have an adult and a kid series. Awesome and inspiring! I agree left behind are good, but it also depends on what kinds of books you enjoy. I have enjoyed Rainy, Nancy Drew, and the Mandie series.

What actors and actresses appeared in Nancy Drew - 2002?

The cast of Nancy Drew - 2002 includes: Hoku as Bitsy James Avery as Prof. Shifflin Lauren Birkell as George Joanna Canton as Sue Brett Cullen as Carson Drew Marieh Delfino as Teeny Charlie Finn as Hank Heath Freeman as Det. Patrick Daly Ellen Geer as Librarian Chad Hershler as Christopher Fayne Eddie Jemison as Man with list of babies born Maggie Lawson as Nancy Drew Andrew Leeds as Newspaper Kid Giselle Loren as Police Officer Dale Midkiff as Jimbo Mitchell Jill Ritchie as Bess Sloan Robinson as Head Nurse Todd Sandler as Security Guard Sabine Singh as Allison Price Nick Stabile as Ned Nickerson Claudette Sutherland as Waitress Kevin Tighe as Coach Jeffries

Can a kid become a detective?


Who is the godmother of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's kid Francis Bean?

Drew Barrymore

What does the Chinese symbol on The Karate Kid mean that mr huan drew on the train?


What education do you need to have to become a winemaker?

You need to love wine like you love your own kid. Its that simple.

How did salma hayek become famous?

by being cool like a cool kid c; with a turtel c;

Is Nancy the cutest kid on the block?

Why yes ma'am (((: by;Edward Cullen aka Robert Pattinson (((:

What is a drew day?

a drew day is a kid that is sitting right next to me. and he is a badass. and you know you want some of him but to bad because this mo-fo is totally MINEEE!!

Is Drew McDonald really the Haribo kid?

No Who thought of that u thick minded person lol

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