How do you become a squad in panfu?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: How do you become a squad in panfu?
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How do you become a mod on Panfu?

you need to be a panfu staff

How do you become a baby on panfu?

dont have a clue

How can i become a free gold panda?

you need to hack panfu

How do you become a panfu member for free?

Joining Panfu is 100% free!Being a gold member costs money but without gold it's free!

How do you become a panfu moderator?

The way to become a moderater is to be a member! And if you have free year membership go on aqw become a mod by going to artix and asking he will do it! Then get back on panfu and waza ur mod if it doesn't work, try and be a mod on MECH QUEST!

How do you become free gold meber in panfu only for two days?


Can you become a panfu member without paying?

Yes,you can activate a code in the coin on the up and its on the left you just type there -thank you by Royalstar if you see me add me on panfu

How do you become a gold member in panfu?

you have to pay for it and you can't get it free because the panfu team need money for their hard work but i am not a member I'd love to be one though!

How do you get to be a gold panda on Panfu for free?

you have to be on panfu for atleast fourteen days then check ur spam or inbox mail then it will say "become a member for two days for free!

When did 1017 brick squad become a group?

Gucci Mane founded 1017 Brick Squad Records in 2009.

A panfu promotional code?

Sorry, but there is not a Panfu promotional code on Panfu.