How do you become a super admin in Blockland?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How do you become a super admin in Blockland?
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How do you become an admin in blockland?

If you are on an online sseerver, go press ESC. then click Admin Menu or Load Bricks. If you know password, type in the appearing typing box and the it well make a Dee Doo Doo Doo sound. and the admin Menu should pop up. If you get password wrong, you will go to the main menu of blockland with a pop up of "Wrong password" or something familiar. if you start a server you automaticly become Super Admin. and if you have RTB you or your friends can put you on Auto Admin/Super Admin. Answered By SuperMario(ID:3582) But what if you DONT know the password? Obviously, if you don't know the password you can't be an admin. they have to tell you the password.

How do you become a super admin on xat chat box?

Adminul Principal

What is the blockland chat hack?

To bypass the "FLOOD PROTECTION" when spamming or repeating yourself, use this console command: commandtoserver(messagesent, "Message here"); To Simply gain access to the admin menu and get admin status(no super admin) Use this command: clientcmdsetadminstatus(1); And, finally you can cheat scores on minigame (after using the previous command) using this: clientcmdminigamesetscore(score goes here); And thats all you can do with the badspot password, torque engine, and Blockland server chat!

How do you do you do slow motion on Blockland?

As an admin, super admin, or host type /timescale NUMBER use a number between 0.2 and 2 so for slow motion type /timescale 0.2 1 is the default speed and 2 is double, have fun making matrix scenes!

How do you Bubble on Blockland?

As an admin, if you want to bubble, press F7 to turn into the bubble and then F8 to teleport to the location of your bubble.

Can you become a Stardoll admin?

Yes, you can become a Stardoll admin.

Is John a Super Admin x5000 or a Super Admin x5001?

No, he's actually the mysterious vigilante known as Gypobane.

How do you get in admin orb on Blockland for Mac?

If mac has "f keys, press f8/f7. If mac doesn't have "f keys", keybind the control for the admin orb thing to something else in Options>Controls

How do you become an admin on YoVille?

You can not become an admin unless you apply for a job at zynga.

Roblox how to be super admin for village life?

You can be a super admin if you add admin in your roblox game

How do you become a admin in tf2?

You need to be applied admin rights from the server host.

How can you hack blockland admin?

Yes, but it needs time, effort, and a very long career of being a hacker. There is a code if you can find it, but it rarely works. Also, the engine Blockland uses (TourqeEngine) is almost unhackable. My advice? None. But good luck trying. -Hacker, BL_ID 5697