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How do you become endangered?

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Mankind over hunts you or over collects you for his own use. then mankind destroys your habitat and food sources as well as pollutes your water sources. you are then endangered!

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When did narwhals become endangered?

when di the narwhale become endangered

What year did the endangered species become endangered?

Different creatures become endangered, or not, at different times.

When did dolphins become endangered?

Dolphins become endangered every year !

When did the leatherback sea turtle become an endangered species?

they become endangered in 2099.

How do endangered animals become endangered?


When did pikas become endangered?

they started to become endangered when global warming had started to increase

When did lemurs become endangered?

They became endangered 2000. :-)

When did elephants become endangered?

they became endangered in 1986

How does an extinct animal become endangered?

An extinctt animal cannot be endangered. Do you mean how an endangered animal becomes extinct? Endangered animals become extinct by various reasons. It depends what animal it is. Most animals are killed by humans, or habitats destroyed. E.G: Tigers have become endangered because of poaching, and if this continuses, then they will become extinct. Animals become extinct becuase of a particular reason, which makes them endangered, then if carried on, extinct.

When did polarbears become endangered?

They are listed as vulnurable or threatened, not endangered.

How did eagles become endangered?

Eagles were made endangered by pesticides.

What year did peacocks become endangered?

Peacocks and peahens are not endangered.

When did leopards become endangered?

Leopards are not endangered. They are near threatened.

How did Amur leopards become endangered?

They are endangered because of poachers

When do cheetahs get endangered?

they become endangered when the food they eat is scarce.

What do you call ecosystems where species are endangered?

There are many things that can cause an ecosystem to become endangered. When an ecosystem and the species in that ecosystem become endangered, it is known as a hotspot.

How did the hummingbird become endangered?

Most of the 30 endangered species of hummingbird are endangered because of deforestation.

Could penguins become endangered?

Yes. There are five endangered species now. Twelve are not endangered.

Has the blue whale become extinct or just endangered?

it has just become endangered

How did the wolly mokey become endangered?

It become endangered when people started hunting and killing the animal too much.

How did the monarch butterfly become endangered?

The monarch butterfly is not an endangered species.

Why did the marine otter become endangered?

The Otter is threatened and not yet endangered.

How did cougars become endangered?

cougars are not endangered,save for the Florida race.

Are octopuses endangered animals?

Not entirely. But they might become endangered soon.

When did the cassowary's become endangered?

It became endangered in 16 July 2000.

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