How do you become friends on babydow?

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ok step by step this is how you become friends on babydow
once you have logged in click on the tab that's says friend,
next click add 'a friend'
enter their username in the search engine and hit enter,
once you have found who your looking for click the 'add a friend button'
and tada you have added a friend i hope this helped:)
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Why do friends become friends with your friends?

Hey! the more the merier! orsometimes it is because they are jealous and want to be closer to you or they feel left out - Sometimes they don't: Antipathy , n. The sentiment inspired by one's friend's friend - Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary.

How do you become friends?

you become friends with someone by being nice to someone and offering to do kind things for so0meone and invite them over to your house

When does a friend become more than a friend?

When you get physical, you notice it, and you want more. Just remember that they may not feel the same way. You're best off talking to your parents about this.

How old is babydow?

It first came out on the 24th of April, 2009, so you can do the maths x] 9 months, roughly.

Can your friend become your sisters' best friend?

Yes. I would know from experience. It may be frustrating sometimes when you want to hang out with them and so does your sister, but then you can all hang out together. You can just both have the same friend.

How do you drees on babydow?

First you go to your baby's page, then scroll over to the first purple tab, then click room, scroll down until you see a big picture of your baby and that's where you dress he/she!

How do you get a pass on babydow?

You have to buy the passes with real money but when you are 3 years old they give you a free pass! Add me Crystaly3 i hoped this helped (=

How do you get passes on babydow?

You can buy them or can receive them by being on Babydow for a certain number of days! But some people are needing to know if you need a CREDIT CARD to buy passes this I dont know buy i dont think you need one ! : ) keep are fingers crossed we dont need any credit card !

What is babydow?

Babydow is a online virtual baby game made by Owlient so is Horwse. On Babydow you can look after as many babies as you want until they turn 3 then you send them off to school. You can Dress them, play with them, read with them, feed them and lots more. Before they turn 3 you can send them off to a ( Full Answer )

How do you get a pass in babydow?

Passes can not be bought at the boutique. Go to My profile, then My passes, and there are options to buy passes. Or, you can send a baby to school with high growth, and if they get a red or gold uniform you will get a pass. If you have a private boutique, every tenth sale of a garment you made, ( Full Answer )

Is babydow good?

Yes. You get to chose your baby and his/her hair eyes, mouth, sex etc. You will love it.

How do you get money on babydow?

To get beads on Babydow you need to take care of your babies under three years old. If you took care of your babies the previous day, you will get money the next. You get 100 beads for however many babies you have. 1 baby- 100 beads 2 babies - 200 beads 3 babies - 300 beads and so on Remem ( Full Answer )

How do you add a friend in Babydow?

go to a baby, then click "games", then "play with a friend" and then click add a friend, and it is very easy from there. You can add me, "giraffe2149"

Are there walkthrough for babydow?

No, Im Sorry. Theres Not, Totaaly unnaceptable: Right, First of all i would like to say a few things. Number 1. - There is small helpless childrens just loooking for cheats on a fun website. Number2- Weather there are cheats or not, There is no need for swearing, unnaceptable. Number3- The Co ( Full Answer )

On babydow how do you delete a requested friend?

If they requested to be your friend already it should be in your mail box at the top the click on the message and deny. BUT!! if you accidently accepted it *is wat ur tryna say* Then go to your FRIENDS tab at the way top. scroll to see that person you wanna delete and on the right side itll say UN-f ( Full Answer )

How do you become a godmother on babydow?

Go on someones card click on the baby you want and under the best friend it says the baby don't have a godmother and you will notice that it is a link well click the link and the request will be sent to them! they have to accept it though for you to be there godparent and if it says that they alread ( Full Answer )

What does a godfather on babydow do?

A Godparent can send your baby gifts. Clothes, food, toys, books, snugglies, and some FF items. It'll all go to your cupboards though, so you can use it on whatever babies you want. A gifted snuggly will automatically become your child's snuggly, so you'll have to take it away and give it back to h ( Full Answer )

Is babydow for children?

Yes babydow is pretty safe as long as you don't make mean friends and don't send anyone messages unless you know them

How can you get a godbaby on babydow?

You have to have at least one child in school first. If you do, go to a baby's card and scroll down. Beneath its picture and the items it has, you'll see a box saying if s/he has a Godparent. If it doesn't, there will be a button to click if you want to become the Godparent. After that, you'll have ( Full Answer )

How do you become best friends with your friends enemy?

First you need to find out from your friend why the person is an enemy. If you like the person your friend can not stop you from becoming friends with them. If you want to continue being friends with them then have a chat with them telling them that you still like them very much but this person has ( Full Answer )

How do you send messages to your friends on babydow?

click on friends, go down the page to however it is that you want to send a message to, then look left, and there should be some symbols, click on the one that looks like a message.

How do you add people as a friend on babydow?

you log onto your account and once your logged on go to the little top button that says FRIENDS. click on the button that says FRIENDS there's a small link that says ADD A FRIEND,click on it and than search for the friend that you want in the box that say for them and then there wi ( Full Answer )

How do you get into a nursery on babydow?

You must have had more than 30 days experience and then you must press My Nursery. It will have a downdrop of Creat My Nursery. There it will explain what to do. hope I helped XXX

How do you get elves on babydow?

You can't buy them. They used to be available in the fairy forest for 4 passes each, but you can't get them anymore. If you are lucky, you will get one for free. I logged in one day and balloons floated up to the top of my page. I clicked on them and it said that I had received a baby elf.

How do you get an elf on babydow?

They sold them in the Fairy Forest... They cost 4 passes each, but I heard they don't sell them anymore... Someone told me that when your child is about to go to nursery it will give you an option to 'send to school' or 'turn into elf' or 'turn into troll' I don't know if its true or not because n ( Full Answer )

Where is become godparent tab on babydow?

Well first of all, you can't become a godparent until one of your babies is in school. After one of them is in school you simply go to the child you want to be your godchild, and over to the right it will say "This baby has no godparent, be this babys godparent!!" Hope this helps!! :)

How do you send friend requests on babydow?

At the top of the page there is a page called 'friends'. Click it, then click the 'add a friend'. Search a user and then click the 'add as a friend' button next to the player. If you don't have the exact user name, click aproximate search and add the ones you want. Simple.

How do you get baby on babydow?

You can get another baby on Babydow by purchasing a Magic Seed from the Fairy Forest or planting a cabbage seed (which will produce a boy) or a rose seed (which will produce a girl) from the shop.

How do you become his friend?

Listen to him. Carefully. See if you can sense things he doesn't talk about much, but are things that nonetheless worry him. Trust him enough to share things with him that worry you - see what his response is. If he does open up to you, bingo - you've made him a friend. Do not, as an earlier poster ( Full Answer )

How do you get a trophy on Babydow?

You can't get trophies but your babies can get trophies by being the best in the hit parade activities by improving abilities that the activities say they improve

How do you be a mother on babydow?

Simply make an account. A page showing your baby and how you want to customize him/her should pop up immediately.

How do you get a elf on babydow?

They used to be available in the Fairy Forest for four passes. Now you can only get them in special events.

How do you become friends with a girl who you used to be friends with?

you have to take advantage of the platform you've mentioned. Knowing each other 'before' is a great conversation starter because you basically already know them so know how to converse with them. You could always just approach her and say hi, followed with something like "are you still doing ____?" ( Full Answer )