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How do you become punk?


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January 21, 2011 3:13AM

If you mean poser punk...Then wear black clothes and spike your hair

If you talking about BECOMING a real punk...You can't. A real punk person is not just something you can become. Punks actually believe in something, whether it's that they believe the government is unfair or they just don't believe in certain rules, dressing the way they do and acting the way they act just came along with their idea to rebel, their idea to become rebels. I personally believe real punks don't even need to dress that way or act that way they just have to believe in something and when I say believe in something I don't mean religion or anything like that I mean they believe something is unfair and needs to be changed. Punk is now a slang word for hooligan or rule breaker and I believe you can find out for yourself why it became that way.

That's what a real punk is...Your either a punk or your not.

If you wanna ACT like one...Here's some tips.

-Be a troublemaker

-Dress like one....crazy clothes, crazy hair...Stick out...

-Don't care.

^^^That's all poser punk stuff.

If you think something is unfair, speak out...That's what a punk really is....In my opinion...