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How do you become rank 5 in Lego?


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This rank is short, hard, and starts to make you real home but you need teach how due this thing because Bur O Crat is a law and you cant do anthing with out your permision. You need 4 Form 20B to start teach to get the licence you need 400 clicks; 100 in each module and aprove for Bur O Crat, this rank make orange bricks and is slow make this bricks but work but that rank make realy hard is the pipes gypsum and loose spark because only you can get 1 for mail and need friends rank 5. Befriend these Networkers: Bur O Crat Connie Crete El Ectric Dip Gimlet Ron Roofer To get orange bricks, please see the instructions for joining the P.O.S. at the Rank 4 Walkthrough. Get 4 of Form 20B. Send them to each of the Networkers except for Bur O Crat. Put the modules on and wait for 100 clicks. Send the license you got to Bur O Crat. Then send the permits send the permits to the networkers and that gave you the module blueprint. You might only need one of the blueprints on Connie Crete's, El Ectric's, and Dip Gimlet's pages to grow nails. To get loose sparks, gypsum, and pipes, click on your friends' Pet Golem, Pet Water bug, and Pet Ball Lighting Modules, not respectively. Get what you need and you are rank 6! Tips To get more orange bricks quickly, join the P.O.S. The Gated Garden Module is the best to make orange bricks, growing 2 more per click. You need make a big change in your friends list if you want contrustion materials. Block/delete friends except the rank 5 ones. Then make a click trade with them on the modules that send items you need. The Acardes Games give losse sparks randomly. One of the best way to get loose sparks is from the Concert Module 1. You can get 20 loose spark if you reach a high sorce, but there's a chance that you can't. The next rank uses a lot of green, orange, and purple bricks. Why not start collecting? The messageboards and forums are good place to put all your trades and buy gypsum and pipes. Friends of a higher rank might have Pipes, Gypsums and Loose Sparks, and they don't need them. You can ask them to trade with you.