How do you become shy?

This is a diffficult thing to do. You must look inside yourself and decide how you wish to present yourself to the world. Some people may see shyness as a weakness or a lack of confidence, so be careful. Shyness is not always that. Some people simply wish to be observers rather than be in the action 24-7. However, before you even begin to be shy you must be sure of your decision and ask yourself: why do I want to be shy? Do you lack confidence? Are you afraid of something? By the way this question is asked, it sounds as if something is causing this. Do you wish to hide from something or someone? If this is the case, becoming shy when it is not already in your nature mat cause depression and lack of self-esteem. Perhaps you already have this. In that case, you must open up to the world, not hide from it. However corny this may sound, you won't feel good hiding from your fears (unless they are life-threatening, in which case, go right ahead and be shy if that will protect you).
On the other hand, if you are sure of your decision, these are the characteristics, not rules, that most shy people have:
  • they are quiet and do not feel a need to talk constantly or laugh uncontrolably
  • they are attentive and inconspicuous
  • they have their own quiet hobbies that fill their time such as drawing

My only hope is that this is not attempt to hide your character from the world or from yourself.
why Would anyone want to be shy they don't make any friends