How do you block a user on Facebook?

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Go to the tab that reads 'privacy' on the top right hand corner and then on the bottom of the page it says 'Block People' and then you enter in the persons name and click the 'block' button.
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What is the average age of Facebook users?

you have to be older than 13 to join facebook but sadly lots of people fake there age so then facebook mangers kick people of it they have tracked down there infomation.

How do you block a user on WikiAnswers?

Firstly, only a supervisor can block other users. Regular contributors and guest contributors cannot block someone on WikiAnswers; only supervisors have the ability to block another user. If you are not a supervisor and you see any abuse on the site - or if you have any issue with a particular ( Full Answer )

How do you block MySpace users?

go to the person's profile that you want to block and look in the contact box, there'll be a option to block them. just click that and follow the directions :o)

How many active users are on Facebook?

According to Facebook, there are currently 500 million active Facebook users. That's about 200 million more people than number registered users on RuneScape. Also about 494 million more people than number registered users on Minecraft. More recent studies show facebook have now over 750,000,00 ( Full Answer )

Does Facebook spy on its users?

\nFacebook does get information on it's users but nothing personal. Facebook gets information such as age and location so they can better find their audience of members.

What does block user mean?

it means they cant comment, rate, and send you messages. It means that they wont harrass you anymore.

What happens when you block a user on YouTube?

1. They cannot post comment on your videos but they can view it 2. they cannot send personal message and cannot post comment on your channel 3. they can share videos to you 4. you can view their videos 5. you can still send him private message (if he/she didn't blocked you too) 6. so they ca ( Full Answer )

Can a blocked user view your profile?

do you have a facebook? well I do and no, they can not if you have a Facebook profile, they can't without being your friend, tell you anything online, see your page, or go to your friend's pages.

Can you delete your Facebook user?

You can deactivate your account which is bacsicly the same as deleting it. Your account will never be known as ever being made, and if you ever want you can reactivate it. If you want to completely remove your account you will have to email facebook a request.

How do you block Facebook?

Go to the persons page you want to block. and underneath the left side of there page there's a button that says "report/block" and choose each. And then you can be on your way. You may download and try facebooklimiter also. See the related link.

How do you view blocked users on MySpace?

Try logging out of myspace, then do a search for the person. You cant block someone, then go looking for them. It was designed to be that way.

Block facebook new user?

if u mean block a person click on their profile and scroll down on the left side there should be (if ur friends) Suggest friends Unfriend Share Profile Report/Block this person press delete then block if ur not friends it should look like this Share Profile report/block this person

Who was the first user of Facebook?

idk maybe tom lol jk The first Facebook user was most likely a Harvard student becauseFacebook was originally for Harvard students only.

Who blocked you on Facebook?

make a fake profile and search for the person, theres no way otherwise it would defeat the purpose.

How do you check user ID for Facebook?

1> Open 1 of your photo albrum 2> Your url will be like 3> XXXXXXX is your facebook id=100003968573010

Your Facebook its blocked what do you do?

If your Facebook is blocked then that means someone has reported you 3 times. If not, or for whatever reason you have been blocked from Facebook, but because you're blocked you can not log in to diactivate your account. So you'll have to get another e-mail address and make a new Facebook account w ( Full Answer )

Who blocked your Facebook?

The admin staff likely blocked your FB account because something on your account was against the site's Terms of Use. Or it could've been you if you didn't want to be on there anymore and simply wanted your account deleted.

How do you block on Facebook?

first click a person you want to block the you will see the side bar or where his/her picture but lock down not up the there something says there report/block this person thank you hope you like it

How do you block someone on facebook that has blocked you?

Update (by Luckluster): You can block that person, if that person sent you a message in the past. Go to the "messages" screen, find a message from that person and then click on the "options" menu" ----- you cant block anyone that already has you blocked May I add: You can block this pe ( Full Answer )

How do you report underage Facebook users?

There is no easy way to report Facebook users unless you are that user's parent or legal guardian or have some other connection to that user (such as being a teacher). You can see that Underage Users are 13 years of age here (as of December 2009) - If you beli ( Full Answer )

How do you get Facebook if it is blocked?

This depends a lot on which method that has been used to block facebook. You might get in trouble if you manage to bypass this blocade. I am sure that if you can legitimate your use of facebook, then your network manager will make this possible/available to you.

Can you track Facebook user?

No. Any applications that are available for this are most likely trash, or viruses. You can track your top friends...the ones that "comment" and "like" the most of your activity on Facebook!

Can you detect a facebook user?

yes go to their profile, scroll to the bottom and in the left there is a remove from friends and deleted him/her

How can you block your Facebook?

Click account then you will see privacy settings click that and scroll down to the bottom of the page you willsee black lists and clck that then it will guide you or its really eaasy to navigate from there.

Why is your facebook user expired?

your facebook will delete soon in a couple of year the most years 5 year s how do i know this because i am working on all sort of account such as myspace twiter and face from kardashain lover tea

Facebook who blocked you?

who cares honestly theres no certain way to see unless you make a fake profile and see if their profile comes up

Who was the first user to be blocked on WikiAnswers?

The privelege of the first ever blocked user on Wikianswers goes to :!@#$% (I can not tell the username otherwise I will get blocked from Wikianswers myself. ). He was blocked on 22 Mar 2005 by Chris at 18:33.

What does facebook user mean?

Someone who either: blocked you or deleted their Facebook. But ifyou click their name in a message, you should be able to see thereprofile and re-friend-request then.

How do you unblock user on facebook?

In the right top corner, you'll see 'Account' , make sure you click it, and go down to where it says 'Privacy settings' . Click on it, and at the bottom you'll see 'Apps and Websites' , 'Block List' and 'Controlling how you share'. Make sure you click on 'Block List' when you do, you'll see a list ( Full Answer )

How do you block a user on aim?

Go to AOL Keyword: "Privacy Settings" (located under "safety" at the top of AOL and click on "IM Privacy Controls") and under "Choose your Privacy settings" tab select "block only these users" and then click on "only these user" and it wil bring you up to a page where you can enter who you want to b ( Full Answer )

How do you block user in IP messenger?

\n \n. Hi, \n. \n. If /24 is your LAN network , then try below ACL to block ip messanger. \n. \n. Ip access-list extended 102 access-list 102 permit udp any eq 2425 access-list 102 permit tcp any eq 2525 access-list 102 deny udp any any eq ( Full Answer )

How do you change the user name on Facebook?

Click the button next to home and go to account settings.Then click on edit username. you will be asked for your password before changing your username. :)

How many Facebook users in Pakistan?

Facebook monitoring helps to improve your business and social media marketing strategy in every country. Currently, there are 7965400 Facebook users in the Pakistan , which makes it # 28 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country .

How many Facebook user does Facebook have?

Currently the number of active facebook users are more than 8 million. But it is expected that in 2012 this number may rise to 1 billion in 2012

What is a user name in facebook?

Go to your profile tab, the name that is popping beside your profile picture is regarded as Facebook user name.

Why the Facebook is Blocked?

can you please unblocked the facebook so we can talked to our family back home??

How many Facebook users are in russia?

In 2014, the number of social network users in Russia is expectedto be 65.5 million. It's just a casual statics report carried outwith some social surveys.