How do you block knit clothes to change the fit?

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Changing the fit is best done by changing the pattern or the garment itself. There is some wiggle room where you can stretch or compress some areas of a garment during blocking, but these changes will not affect the over all stretch of the garment. In other words, if the garment is too tight it's going to stay too tight even after it's blocked. Blocking has more to do with smoothing the fabric, evening out the rows and stitches to make seaming easier, and getting the lines of the garment to lay nicely.

If you're really determined to try to adjust the garment through blocking instead of tailoring, figure out what dimensions you want it to be, soak the garment and pin it out in those dimensions to dry on a blocking board. Alternately, pin the garment to the desired dimensions and lightly steam it. Remember that as soon as the garment is washed, assuming it is made of a good wool, it will simply return to it's natural shape. If it's something like cotton it's going to stretch out no matter what you do.

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First of all, there is only so much yarn in a project. You can block it most times by shaping the garment on a padded board and carefully placing pins to hold it into shape. Then use a steamer or steam iron above the garment to set your shape. You may want to steam it a little prior to placing it on the board so that it will be more flexible to work with. Then after pinning use the steam again. Leave the garment there until it is completely dry and it will conform to the shape you have designated. As soon as you notice that your project is stable remove the pins so you will not have the marks imprinted on your garment.
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