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block the sms

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Q: How do you block people from sending you sms?
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People sending sms like please forward this sms you ll get some money per sms is that real?

Sorry, it isn't.

What is deskop sms?

It is an application that use internet to connect to a sms gateway for sending and receiving sms.

What does sms orginating mean?

SMS orginatingmeans the number from which you are sending a message (A-number).

How is sending sms different from sending a regular text message?

Sending SMS text is no different than sending a regular text message. They are the same thing. The difference is MMS. SMS means standard messaging service. MMS means media messaging service.

What is deskop?

It is an application that use internet to connect to a sms gateway for sending and receiving sms.

You have sms marketing software but it not workig?

If you have problems on sending sms by sms software, I think the best way is using online sms service from sms provider site as

What is the name of the protocol of sending text messages?


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Earn money from an sms sending site?


Is there a guide to sending SMS messages online?

There is no official SMS guide to sending messages online. However has a lot of valuable information. There are many websites that allow you to send SMS messages online for free such as

How can you send free SMS via Verizon Wireless?

Sending free SMS via Verizon Wireless would be defeating the purpose of Verizon even charging for sending SMS in the first place. So, there should be no way to send free SMS through whatever provider one has.

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