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Call your home phone provider, they will take away the phone block.

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2009-07-12 12:29:54
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Q: How do you remove a phone block on my home phone so a prison inmate can call collect?
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How can you remove a block on your home phone so a prison inmate may call collect?

There is a possibility that the prison it's self has that block. The way to check it is have someone else phone you collect, if they get through then you know it is the prison. They started doing this to stop random calling to everyone. Try Golbal net and you caqn get a calling card and all they have to do is dial in the numbers and the call will come to you without operator step in.. Hope this answers your question

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To unblock collect calls from women new mexico correctional facility?

Contact your telephone service provider. Only you would have the authority to place a block on INCOMING calls to your own phone. HOWEVER, the prison system may have placed a block on OUTGOING calls made from the corrections department phones.

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