How do you braid in weave?

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well there is extension whice you can braid in and it is just like braiding with your real hair .Them weave is when you glue or sew in sewing last longer you can't braid in weave you glue it in or you sew it. Using the tracks.

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Q: How do you braid in weave?
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Do you have to use a braid when you get a hair weave?

no you can also glue it

If your hair is short can you get a weave?

As long as it is long enough to braid, yes.

How do weave in hair extensions?

sew it, braid it, glue it, and many more but they are uncommon

What is braiding?

Braiding ;; to weave together strips or strands of; plait: to braid the hair.-LaCheyenne. . .

How do you weave hair extensions into your real hair?

You braid/ Cornrow your hair in circular motions.

How should micros and fedelio be used in the hospitality industry?

A small braid that can come w/ weave or just your hair also it can come in different colors. A small braid that can come w/ weave or just your hair also it can come in different colors.

How is the hair suppose to be braided for sew in weave?

You can braid your hair however you prefer. Some braid their hair straight back (normal cornrows), some braid their hair horizontally (across the head), & others braid their hair into a beehive (a spiral around the head).

What is a braided grosgrain stripe on a tuxedo?

Tuxedo pants have a stripe along the side in either satin, which is a shiny weave of silk, or grosgrain, which is a ribbed weave of silk. (The material of the stripe matches the material on the jacket lapels.) This stripe is sometimes referred to as "braid," whether or not it actually incorporates a braid.

How do you end the weave in hair?

The hair/track should be cut to the length of the braid, so it should "end" on its own.

Can you relax your hair with a weave in it?

Well actually depends most likely no cuz if u relax ur hair it cant have nuthin to do with braid .the total average is a month cuz braid and sew in take a while to rest cuz of the tightness just be careful about weave mostly like it will damage ur hair but I dont need weave I get I braid with my real hair but I believe in giving it a rest a month or a month a half any person that kno about hair will tell u the same thing im tellin u

How do you braid hair to the scalp?

This essentially means cornrowing the hair. That can be done just as-is, or it can be used for sewing in a weave. Then thread can be used for sewing the track hair to the braids. You can just start with a 3-strand braid of the desired size. You would part it the way you would want to braid it and as you braid, you add new hair from the scalp as you reach each side of the braid. When you run out of scalp, then you can just continue as a normal 3-strand braid.

What is a braid especially of hair it is a noun?

Yes, the word 'braid' is both a verb and a noun.The noun 'braid' is a word for strands of hair or other material woven together to form a rope-like structure; a word for a thing.The verb 'braid' is to weave strands of material to form this structure; a word for an action.Any material (including hair) that is in the form of strands can be braided to form a braid.

How do you do micro braids without weave?

don't know if you can. Um my suggestion is to just take tiny sections of hair and just braid it normally, like any other, braid. Just start close to the scalp and braid down a small section. Like small, small section and split that into three small sections like a normal braid and braid down until you get to the end(s). I don't know exactly what you could do for

Why did turtle have to cut off her braid?

because her weave was getting nappy

How do you close a hair weave?

In order to close a hair weave braid your in in a "crown" style. that is a spiral starting front the top of your head all the way around to the bottom. Then start sewing your weave on front bottom up. When you get to the top there should be a small circle with the track exposed. Sew those tracks together tightly to then close up the weave, and there you have it.

Can white people braid their hair into weaves?

Yes. However...are you talking about the real tight braids lots of African-American women have? Those are called micro braids. Weaves are a form of hair extension, where they braid (or "weave," which is where this got its name) extra hair into yours.

What are all the different kinds of braids you can get?

you can have a fishtail braid, a french braid, a english ( normal) braid, a swiss braid , invisible braids, a dutch braid, a crown braid, a flower braid, a tree braid, african braids, and an Averson braid.

How many different types of braid hair styels are there?

I'm not sure, but I have a list...Fishtail braid, French braid, Dutch braid, and the waterfall braid.

How do you weave grass sandals?

One makes them in a way similar to making a rag rug. Braid the grasses into a flat braid. Sew the braid together into a sole shape, (elongated oval) on both sides to make it sturdy. Be sure to make tight stitches. Attach a length of braided grass across the foot to fit in a flip flop style and you have a woven grass sandal.

How do you do weaves with dreads?

If you have dreads, you can get a sew-in weave. Make sure your hairdresser knows how to braid well the cornrow for the weave. The cornrows will be the determining factor of how well the weave extensions will hold. The type of hair you wear depends on the amount of dreads in your hair. Curly weaves will be better to camouflage the bulkiness of the dreads-if they are long. Flat weaves will look great if your dreadlocks are short and skinny.

What type of braid does Katniss wear?

it was either a touch braid or a french braid. most likely a touch braid

How do you micro braid without weave?

you start from the back of the head near the neck and you part a horizontal line going from left to right then you part vertically making a box then you take that section of hair and braid it so its not attached to scalp like cornrows then you make another box next to the one you just made and braid that section continue parting boxes and braiding until you complete the whole head

How is hair weave put in?

By braiding the hair and sewing in a track, or by gluing and placing the track in a molded canvas. Other ways are to glue fusion (strand by strand), braid with micro- braiding or wigs

If you have curly hair can you get a weave to keep it straight forever?

Weaves Are Not Forever. With Curly Hair You Can Straighten It & Add Straight Extensions OR Braid You're Whole Head & Have ALL Straight Hair Ontop.

How do you learn to braid leather similar to the service offered by Iron Braid?

well you simply braid the leather strips like its a braid.