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Technically speaking there is no "Contract", its more of an agreement. I believe they may have gone under and sold their accounts to "American Debt Counseling, Inc." but from what I've read they have the same ripoff practices. The way to break your contract is simply fax them a written request to stop your automatic payments.

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Q: How do you break contract with family credit counseling corporation?
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Where can one get Christian Credit Counseling?

Christian Debt or Credit Counseling is provided by such companies as Christian Credit Counselors, Family Life Credit, Family Life Resources, and Christian Credit Counsel.

Is family credit counseling corporation a good company?

No! Family Credit Counceling Corporation is a rip off scam company. Please see lawsuit Please also check rip off website. You will see hundreds of complains.

Where can one find non profit credit counseling services?

You can find credit counseling services in a telephone book, talking with friends who may know of these services, your local library, your church pastor and perhaps your family doctor.

Where can one find advice on credit improvement?

The best, but little known resource for credit improvement can be found at Family Credit, a fully accredited credit counseling non profit organization based out of the United States. If you qualify for their services, Family Credit will work with your past creditors to lower your fees and improve your credit score. Family Credit receives an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the leading consumer review organization in the United States.

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Debt consolidation care is a great website that offers Christian debt counseling. Family credit also offers some debt counseling and some other local places may also offer this service.

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