Breaking Water

How do you break my water during pregnancy?

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What does it mean for a woman's water to break during pregnancy?

It means she is about to go in labor .

How do you break your water during pregnancy?

You can't just brake your water on your own. It either happens on its own, or the doctor does it for you.

Does your face break out during pregnancy?

Some women experience blemishes during pregnancy.

What causes the water to break during pregnancy?

I asked the question but did know exactley what I was doing. More info, in a normal term pregnancy, what causes the water to break before labor when it dose happen. I know that it only happens 15% of the time but what causes it to break?

Does the water break during first month of pregnancy?

i dont know. i am gus bus. i never get pregnant.

Is sex is safe during 6th month of pregnancy?

As long as your pregnancy runs normally without complications, it is safe to have sex right until your water break, or after (for some reason).. but some of my patients did sex during or after her water broke -_- but i saw it is ok

Is a stuffed nose a sign of pregnancy?

yes it means your water is about to break

Is it safe to drink iced water during pregnancy?

Yes it's water water is the best fluid to drink during pregnancy it doesn't matter if it's ice water or room temp.

Is it safe to do water sports during pregnancy?


How do you break your water at home to induce labor?

You should never attempt to break your own water. If your water doesn't break on it's own during strong contractions, your doctor or nurse is the only one who would determine during labor, to break your water at the hospital.

How can you stop constipation during pregnancy?

Constipation can be stop during pregnancy if you increase fiber in the diet, drink plenty of water, walk or exercise.

Are Condoms are 100 percent effective in preventing STD and pregnancy?

Unless they break during intercourse.

How do you get three water bags during your pregnancy?

Three water bags during pregnancy would most likely indicate more than one child. Each child is inside one "water" bag.

What is the water that breaks during labor?

Amniotic fluid surrounds your baby during pregnancy.

How far along in labor do you have to be for your water to break?

there is no set period. some women have o have their water broken by a doctor and some women have there water break and have to be induced for labor to start. It depneds on the woman and the pregnancy.

What was the water gate break in?

A break-in at the Watergate Hotel during Nixon bid for election.

Where does your water bag sit during pregnancy?

Near bladder or stomach

What should a girl do if she had a sex and during sex they used condom but she does not has her periods?

A condom reduces the chance of a pregnancy; but a pregnancy is still possible. For example, the condom might break, or leak. If you suspect there is a pregnancy, you may want to do a pregnancy test.

Is it safe to eat melon during pregnancy?

Yes. Melon's a great thing to eat during pregnancy because it's full of water and so will keep you hydrated

What can you drink during pregnancy?

Water, milk, more water, more milk, koolaid, tea and finally more water!!!!!

Can your water break while getting a pap smear done?

Sure, it's possible for your water to break during a pap smear. There is nothing about the pap smear process that would cause your water to break.

Can teens have an epidural during pregnancy?

during pregnancy-no during labor yes

Can you ovulating during pregnancy?

No, there is no ovulation or menstruation during pregnancy.

How do you increase water level during pregnancy?

Drink more water. There should also be water pills available at your local pharmacy.

What shoud I do for Severe constipation during pregnancy?

Drink a glass of water every hour