How do you break up with your girlfriend?

Just tell her in a nice way. explain everything to her why you want to and what's the reason or problem with your relationship or with her. Remember, don't be a heartless person. Girls are very sensitive.

Do it nicely, don't be rude and don't be an ass about it. Tell her why you're breaking up with her so she has closure, and just be respectful

Anyway Yes, be sensitive, tell her what she does wrong. Like if she cheated on you tell her you found out and you are over. Period. She tries to deny it just walk away. She text you? Ignor her. Simple

just tell her kindly that you don't like her and say sorry and just leave.

Tell her in person, privately, over a school break so she has unpressurized time to deal with your news. Texting, emailing and facebook are not fair.

tell her how amazing she is and how much you like her, tell her that you don't think at the moment you should be dating/going out with anyone. make something up ie; family issues. you could just tell her you don't feel the same way, and don't forget to apologize.

just go up to her ask her if you to can talk alone and tell her you need a break but dont get someone else to do it for you because she will get even madder