How do you breakdown lorcin 380?

I just want to know how to brake the lorcin 380 down and clean it

Here's how:

Remove the magazine. Run the action to assure the firearm is empty.

Take a pen, pencil or Popsicle stick (my tool of choice) and push in the part at the rear of the 380 surrounding the firing pin. You may need to run the action back while doing this to be able to lift the action from the frame.

**** WARNING*****

When the action comes away from the frame there are several parts and springs that **sometimes** come away from their proper positions. DO NOT attempt to do this in the field. Do this at a table on paper with a clean floor. Experience is speaking here!!

Depressing this part releases the catch hook for the action. and the action will release from the frame.

The firing pin catch has a long skinny spring under it. the magazine release spring resides under the handle guard on the right hand side (opposite the release lever). The firing pin spring goes in after the firing pin in the action that comes away from the frame. The firing pin goes in short end first. The main spring seats on the front of the frame over the short stop spring.

All of that just in case you get a SPROING which does happen.