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if u see where the pair is fond of each other then they have chosen each other. put them in a sizeable cage with a nest box. they will preen each other then start to feed each other .then they will start to breed. usually they breed on their little perch or in the nest box. if u see one on top of the other and one of them making a low noise and the tails rubbing each other.. they're breeding!

and when the male and female are very close to each other they are ready to breed.

However, you need to know that parrots live for about 70 years and a lot of them are

not wanted and sometimes end up in sanctuaries or in parrot mills.

I just saw some horrific pictures of parrots on YouTube with them packed inside cages

like toys.


"Bird Mill's: The untold story of where exotic birds come from ... Last month alone, an estimated 15 parrots were turned over to the SPCA..."

Some breeders pose as parrot sanctuaries to get breeding parrots for a lower cost to them and they do not care about what happens to them after they are sold.


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Do parrots breed?

No parrots cannot breed at all

What can Meyer parrots breed with?

Only other Meyer parrots.

How often do parrots breed?

How often parrots breed depends on the species of parrot. Some species successfully breed yearly, and others every couple years.

Where is the only place swift parrots breed?


What age do Amazon parrots have to be to breed them?

5 years

What is the breeding season for the monk parrots?

i think its may that they breed

Where is the the only place Swift Parrots breed?

swift parrots go to tasmania. a huge island like place of the bottom of australia. they nest in hollow trees

Can you mate the same breed of birds?

Yes, you can mate the same breed of birds. Some popular breeds of birds that are good to breed include canaries, love birds, and parrots.

Do parrots hav a backbone?

yes they do their a type of birds and they have backbones lol....they are skeletal breed so yes

Can you breed a yellow headed parrot with a red headed parrot?

yes, you can bread any parrots together.

How old do birds have to be to breed?

This varies from species to species. Generally the smaller birds mature quicker and can therefor breed at a younger age. Some finches can successfully breed at 6 months of age and some of them should be one year. Budgies should be about a year of age, but they could be a couple of months younger and still have healthy babies. Lovebirds, cockatiels and similar sized parrots should be 18 months before breeding. Amazon parrots, African Grey parrots and similar sized parrots mature and can breed at about 4 years of age. The large macaws will be 5 years or more before they will successfully breed. Any of these species can breed at younger ages and may even have healthy babies, but breeding younger, more often produces small, unhealthy babies that may not survive.

Is it good to have birds of the opposite gender in a cage?

It depends. Often, parrots will breed if there are two opposite gender parrots in the same cag. So if you want to raise chicks, it is okay. If you don't want to raise chicks, keep opposite sex parrots separate from each other.

What are the breed of parrots pirates have?

In many movies they're either Scarlet Macaws or Blue and Gold Macaws. This is the generic picture of the pirate, and pirates in real life actually kept many types of parrots.

Can you put young parakeets in the same cage with older parakeets?

Young parrots of any breed can be placed in the same cage as older parrots, but ensure that the cage is big enough to hold more birds.

What is a collective noun for parrots?

The collective nouns for parrots are a flock of parrots, a company of parrots, or pandemonium of parrots.

How many eggs can parrots lay at a time?

depending on the breed but most lay 1-3 eggs per clutch

What you called group of parrots?

There are at least four choices:A flock of parrots.A company of parrots.A pandemonium of parrots.A psittacosis of parrots.

How do parrots attract other parrots?

Parrots attracy other parrots by speaking and showing their feathers.

What is the plural possessive of parrots?

The plural possessive is parrots'.

are parrots mamals?


Do parrots have feathers or fur?

Parrots are birds, they have feathers

Do parrots reproduce?

Of course. If parrots did not reproduce, there would be no parrots left. Parrots reproduce by laying eggs, as all birds do.

Are parrots consumers?

are parrots consumers

Are parrots psychic?

No, parrots are not psychic.

Are parrots poisonous?

There are no poisonous parrots.