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Make a box of ice with a door to get in.

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What can you build in Minecraft?

You can build anything you want in Minecraft.

What to build in Minecraft?

Build a city of your own!

How do you build Minecraft?

You can build structures in Minecraft by placing blocks you find throughout the game. (MOUSE2 by default)

How do you build things in Minecraft?

Go to a site called minecraft wiki

How do you build a cops and robbers on Minecraft?

use your creativity... thats what minecraft is about

How do you a build shelter in Minecraft?

get recourses and build a 4x4 house.

Where can you build a house in MineCraft?

You can build your house anywhere you want in the world of Minecraft. One of the best places is to build where you first find coal. Also, try to build in a place that's flat.

500 bitfenix prodigy pc build for steam and minecraft Case only?

Minecraft is a popular game. In this game you get to build a world.

Can you build a house with straw on Minecraft?

There is no such thing as 'straw' in Minecraft. So you can't.

Will a leaky freezer door gasket cause ice to build up inside the freezer?

A leaky freezer door gasket will cause ice to build up inside the freezer. This is because a continuous supply of air from the room, carrying water vapour, enters and the water vapour freezes.

What is Minecraft 7?

There is no such thing as Minecraft 7. Minecraft, however, is a creative game where players build things out of cubes.

Is Minecraft a first person shooter?

No, Minecraft is not an FPS. It is a survival/sandbox game where you can build anything you want. There are no guns in Minecraft.

How do you get to the Netherland in Minecraft?

You have to build a portal with obsidian

What can you do if you buy Minecraft?

You can do alot of things in minecraft but one of the best things to do in minecraft is build a portal to the nether, and build a house,but this is only about 1% of what u can do but its a really fun game and u should really get it

How do you make mansions on Minecraft?

to be able to build a mansion in minecraft you need to be able to imagine what you want to build and you can get the blocks once you are in creative mod or if you want to challenge yourself you can build it in survival or in hardcore

What are the release dates for Minecraft Quick Build Challenge - 2012?

Minecraft Quick Build Challenge - 2012 was released on: USA: 5 June 2012

Where to build the portal to the nether in Minecraft?

Build it anywhere, the location doesn't really matter.

How do you build a mansion on Minecraft?

Think on what you want in your minecraft mansion. Then, design it with graph paper, a paper per floor. Then, you do the math on how much materials you need. Finally, you actually build it in minecraft, with freinds if possible. That was how I did it, I suggest you do it too.

Can you make armor in minecraft pocket edition?

You can not build armor in minecraft pocket edition armor does not even exist in minecraft pocket edition.

How do you build a pencile in Minecraft?

If you mean pencil, you can't

What are good rollercoaster seeds for minecraft pe?

There are many different types of materials that you can build things out of in minecraft.

What is the goal in Minecraft pocket eddition?

The only goal of Minecraft is to survive, or in creative, to build cool things.

How do you build a CD in minecraft?

You can't build CDs at the moment. You need to find them in dungeon chests.

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