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The same way you build an 'adult fort', just down size it a little!!

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Did shah jahan build the red fort?

Shah Jahan build umber of monuments. He was the one who build Red Fort.

How do you build a fort with toothpicks?

To build a fort with toothpicks you just stack them and then glue them. You can shape your fort any way that you'd like.

How long did it take to build fort Sumter?

It took 8 years to build Fort Sumter.

What fort did William Johnson build?

a pillow fort

How do you build a wooden fort on stilts?

Google "how to build wooden fort", or something similar. Use the plans to build the fort, but instead of building it on the ground, make the foundation a number of stilts planted several feet into the earth. Build the fort on top of the stilts. Be sure to build a ladder or stairs to get in.

What fort did George Washington build in 1754?

Fort Necessity.

What fort did general Waynes men build?

Fort Wayne :)

What fort did Lewis and Clark build in November of 1804?

Fort Mandan

Where did George Washington build a fort that he had to surrender to the French?

Fort Necessity

How do you build the red fort with thermocol?

"How to Make Red Fort With Thermocol"

What to do when you play outside?

Build a fort!

When was the fort prindsenstein at Keta was build?

It was build by the Danes in the late 1784.

Why was the Red Fort built?

The Red Fort was build as a capital for the great Mughal Empire

What year did french build fort Caroline?

The French built Fort Caroline in 1563.

Did billy the kid die in Fort Sumner?

yes he did

What fort did the French build in what is today Pittsburg Pennsylvania?

Fort Duquesne on the site of the abandoned British Fort Prince George.

Which fort did Akbar build?

Fatehpur Sikri.

When did french build fort Caroline?


Where did Billy the Kid live as a boy?

Bill the Kid lived in Fort Sumner New Mexico.

Where is the Billy Kid Museum in Fort Sumner New Mexico located?

The address of the Billy Kid Museum is: 1601 E Sumner Ave, Fort Sumner, NM 88119

Who built newhaven fort?

Lieutenant John Charles Ardagh designed the fort and then arranged to build it.

Why did they build Fort McHenry?

Fort McHenry was built in 1798 to defend the port of Baltimore from attack.

What fort did the French build in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania?

Fort Duquesne was the Fort that the French built on the site of the former British Fort Prince George in present day Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Fort Duquesne.

Can a kid build a website?

Yes I am a kid too. These are some websites you can build. Fashion websites and a website all about dogs and cats.

What material was used to build red fort?