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It is impossible to build a machine that can travel through time.


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The Tardis is the name of the time machine from Doctor Who.

The question is very unclear, but that doesn't really matter. As soon as you say "Can you build a time machine . . .", we have enough to render an answer, which is "no".

build a time machine and see

It is not possible to build a time machine. So NO it is not easy, it is impossible.

Albert Einstein certainly did not build a TIME MACHINE, nor has anyone built a TIME MACHINE. However, Einstein's theories do give us a better understanding of time, and do show some possible ways of changing the speed at which time passes for a given person (if you travel in a space ship at close to the speed of light, time will pass slower for you than it does for people left behind on Earth, and you will effectively travel into the future, while simultaneously traveling to a distant location in space).

I'll tell you last month.

Through the use of a time machine, which most of us don't know how to make yet.

The question is a bit ambiguous. I'll assume you mean "What conditions have to be fulfilled in order to build a time machine".It would seem that it isn't possible to actually build a time machine. So far, this remains the realm of fantasy and science fiction stories.

You cannot. Nor is it likely anyone ever will.

Build a time machine and travel back to 1780s Bavaria.

So far, it hasn't been done yet.

An excellent question. There's a Nobel Prize in Physics waiting for you if you ever figure it out. There is quite probably no way to build a time machine to go back in time. To go forward in time, just take a nap; it will be 90 minutes or so into the future when you wake up. We are constantly traveling into the future at the rate of one second per second.

you can't build time travel. Though in the law of Physics, it is possible to build a time machine, however that is almost to impossible, but remember when people though that the world was flat? they were wrong, the world is round. So you might be saying 'time machine' may not be possible, but maybe in future someone can create one.

Time travel is possible. You can build a time machine with 10 million USD.

I don't think you can buy a build a bear machine

No human has built a time machine, so a 9 year old would find it rather difficult.

Well anything is possible if you put your head to it!

It's called I dont think anyone will answer

Dont know. I hope there will be but this time marge gets in trouble or they build a time machine and they go into the future and the time machine breaks and they cant get out until Lisa fixes it and they are saved!

no that will never happen unless you can find an old fashioned police box

Build a time machine, travel back to 1780s Bavaria, and apply for membership.

jack oxenham and sophie jewell tried but they failed SP4L

it changed over time because they wanted to build other sewing machines

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