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How do you build your own cell phone?

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i dont think you can. Soz

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How did you build the cell phone?

how do you build a cell phone

How do you forward calls to your cell phone?

By messaging the calls to my own cell phone

What does Bring Your Own Phone mean?

"Bring Your Own Phone" is a phrase that certain cell phone carriers are using to describe the process in which cell phone users can keep their current cell phone, but switch to a new carrier.

How do you ring your own phone?

f you can not find your cell phone you can ring from your landline to the cell.

What is the code for the cell phone on Build-a-Bearville?

please tell me how to get a code for a cell phone on builabearvill please help me!!!!!!!!

How can one call their own cell phone?

When you call your own cell phone, it usually means that you take someone else's phone and call your phone using it. This is usually done when you lose your phone. If you own an iPhone, Find My iPhone offers a site where you can make your phone play a sound when lost.

What is justin bieber own cell phone number?

He doesn't give out his cell phone number out to fans....sorry!

What is dani cimorelli phone number?

Dani Cimorelli does not have her own cell phone.

How do you answer my t mobile cell phone?

I have my own phone to answer - I'm not answering yours.

How you can invent a cell phone own?

Do you want to own a cell phone or create and own phone?If it is both then there is a lot of development that goes into a cell phone. You could DESIGN an phone and submit it to a manufacturer for production (that is not really inventing).If you have a really good idea that has never been done before try to patent it or at least register the idea before you show it to anybody.

Where can I find free wall papers for my cellphone?

Free cell phone wallpapers www.mytinyphone.com/wallpapers/ Free cell phone wallpapers. Create and share your own ringtones, videos, themes and cell phone wallpapers with your friends. Free Cute cell phone wallpapers www.mytinyphone.com/wallpapers/cute/ Free Cute cell phone wallpapers. Create and share your own ringtones, videos, themes and cell phone wallpapers with your friends.

Who owns the cell phone towers in Montana?

There are several service providers who own and operate cell phone towers in Montana.

What is the difference between the Verizon cell phone vs at and t cell phone?

A Verizon cell phone is CDMA technology. AT&T is GSM technology. Plus each cell phone provider has their cell phones respond to their own towers by how the phones are flashed.

What is Dani Cimorelli's phone number?

Dani Cimorelli does not have her own cell phone.

When should you get your 1st cell phone?

Practically speaking, you should get your own cell phone when you already need it. A cell phone provides important functions that even a child who is as young as 10-year-old child can already own one. Money is not much of a problem nowadays as there are already cell phone providers out there who provide affordable cell phone and calling plans. Some people never get a cell phone. Generally though you can get it when you can pay for it yourself.

Can you activate a Metro PCS cell phone on your own?

*228 from the phone you want to activate...

What is Lauren cimorelli's home phone number?

Lauren Cimorelli does not have her own cell-phone.

What is the percentage of cell phone users in the US?

I dont know the percentage of people that own a cell phone but their are approximately 127.5 million people own one just in America.

What is the percentage of Americans that own cell phones?

Around 82% of all Americans in the United States own a cell phone.

How many people own a cell phone in Canada?

out of 31,620,000 thousand people 60% of people own cell phones...

Do you need to add a line to get a cell phone?

You do not need any land line at all in order to own and use a cell phone.

Can a 15 year have his or her own cell phone contract?

No. You must be 18 years old before a cell phone carrier will sign you.

Can a cell phone number be traced to a street address?

Of course it can - if you own a cell phone, you get a bill once a month - sent to your address.

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