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How do you burn a single file on 2 disks?

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You can use WinRaR or any other tool that allows you to split a compressed file into 2 or more files according to the size. And set the size as you can see it written on the disk

or if you are using power ISO go to Compress-> Advanced Properties-> then click Split to Multiple Volumes. The Volume Size will be now be open and put in how much you want on each disk. I.E 1000000K (1 gig) or 1,000M 1G then go back into compress pick the files you want to compress then they will be split into however many parts depending on how much you put in the Volume Size

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I have downloaded kingdom hearts 2 for PS2 but there is no ISO file just an IMG file how do i burn the IMG file to work or how do i change it to an ISO file so i can burn it to play it on my PS2?

To play it on PS2, you buy the game.

How do you burn 7.44GB image file into 2 4.7GB DVD?

You dont.

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What does dual layer allow you to do?

Dual layered DVDs allow you to burn twice as much data to the disk as a single layer (8.5GB as opposed to 4.7GB). However, it may not be convenient, but burning to 2 separate DVDs is probably a better solution. To burn dual layered DVDs you need to have all sorts of unneccesary garbage, including disks that cost about $3 each.

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How do you burn a game file of 6 gb into a DVD?

either split into 2 DVDs or go and buy a dual layer DVD, assuming you have a DL burner. Use Nero to burn.

How do you burn a torrent file to DVD?

The video or movie that downloaded from Torrent comes with various file formats such as AVI, MP4, MKV, and WMV. So when you want to burn Torrents to DVD you have to convert video to DVD format (MPEG-2) before burning it to a DVD disk.

What file format is needed to play on a DVD player?

Burn to DVDThere are several file formats that will play on DVD players depending on the ability of your DVD player. I would check your manufacturer's information to see what type of files it will play. Most newer DVD players will play AVI or MPEG-2 file formats. I use NCH Software's Express Burn at to burn Audio, Data, & video to CD, DVD, and/or Blu-ray discs.

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How to burn 8gb ISO file in two DVD's?

You'd have to split it, like use WinRAR to turn it into 2 4GB RAR files. Or if you have a DL DVD burner, burn it to a dual layer DVD, 8.55GB.

Type of CD to burn pictures?

You can use pretty much all types of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray disks to burn pictures. All disks that that you can write to (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, etc) will work for pictures (you cannot write to a CD-ROM). Although you can burn pictures to all types of disks, some types of devices only accept certain types of disks. Having that in mind, I suggest you choose which disk you wish to use by the following criteria: 1. The size of the disk (CDs are 700MB & DVDs are 4.2GB-8GB) 2. How many times you want to write to it (R - once or RW - many times) 3. By what you want to use the disc for (don't put pictures on a blu-ray disk and try to play them on a normal DVD player).

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What number of disks is the required minimum to implement RAID 0?


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