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How do you buy an iPhone?

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There are multiple ways you can buy an iPhone. You can buy an iPhone online at the Apple website, a cell phone service company website, or on online shops like eBay or Amazon.

You can also buy an iPhone at a retail store.

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Through your service provider typically

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Where can you buy iPhone apps?

On the App Store. It should be installed on your iphone right after you buy it. The iphone should be at least 3G or later.

Is it better to buy an iPhone 6s Plus or an iPhone 7?

An IPhone 7

Can you buy me an iPhone?


Can you buy music off your iPhone?

You buy music through the iTunes store and download it to your iPhone.

Should I buy an iPhone 11 I have an iPhone 7 Plus.?

No, Iphone 7 plus is a good phone it has everything you need if you buy an iphone 11 you do you your just wasting money.

Where can you buy a iPhone 3g?

Apple, Bestbuy And Other Major Retail Stores Do Not Carry The Iphone 3G , they only carry Iphone 3GS , Iphone 4 , and Iphone4S. To Buy A 3G You will have to buy one off craigslist or Amazon

How do you buy an iPhone 6?

You can buy a iPhone by going to the local Apple Retailer or you can purchase one online.

How can you get iPhone?

buy one...

Can you buy an iPhone 4 at AT and T?

Yes, actually it's the only carrier you can buy the iPhone 4 from in the US.

Where would you buy a iPhone 5 at?

best buy

What kind of earphones does a fake iPhone require?

Buy a real iphone!

How do you change iPad apps to iphone apps?

You buy the iPhone app

Where can I buy top iPhone accessories?

The best place to buy accessories for the IPhone is AT&T because they sell the IPhone there. You can find them a lot cheaper on EBay, but they may be not from Apple.

If you buy an iPhone in Korea can you take it home to south Africa and use it there?

can i buy a iPhone in Korea and use it in south-Africa

Should you get an iPhone 4S or an iPad 3?

Do you want a phone? Buy an iPhone. Do you want a small computer? Buy an iPad.

Do you have to have a data package when you buy a iPhone?

Not to be rude, but yes of course you have to buy a data package with an iPhone, unless of course you don't want to use it, or with the iPhone 4GS, you can get no-commitment pricing.

Can you buy apps for the iPhone 1g?

No. Your iphone should be 3G version or later.

Should you buy a TV or a iPhone?

A tv if you dont have one if to da a iphone

Where can you buy an iPhone 6?

you can buy it in a million dollars i have it now

Where can you buy Iphone 6 online?

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were announced on September 9, 2014.

Where can I get the best deal on iPhone for accessories?

You have lots of option is Canada to buy cheap accessories for iphone. But i recommend you to buy accessories for iPhone from

Should you buy an iPhone?


If you Buy an iPhone do you have to have internet with it?


Can you buy an iPhone prepaid?

currently no.

Can you buy iPhone in mustafa?