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How do you buy games for iPod?


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App store on iPod or computer

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You can't buy new games on the original iPod nano...but you start with a few games.

you have to buy them in itunes under ipod games and make sure its for the ipod nano your generation

There are no games on the iPod touch when you buy it. You have to download them from the App Store.

No there are no games already in the Ipod touch, you have to go to app store and buy them.

you can buy anything for your iPod on iTunes store

buy them from iTunes store, connect iPod make sure iPod is set to sync Games sync, play

The iPod Touch does not come pre-loaded with any games.

You have to buy the game to put it on your iPod Nano.

Well it depends on what iPod you have iPod touch: yes iPod nano: yes iPod classic: yes iPod shuffle: no New touchscreen nano: no The iPod touch has the largest and best range of games. But the classic and nano games are good as well I hope this answer your question.

If you're just looking for games and music, buy the iPod Touch. If you're looking for talking/texting games and apps, buy the iPhone.

Yes sometimes you will have 3 but sometimes if you buy it at bestbuy you will get 3 games

You need to buy them off the internet on the iPod Touch.

Yes you can. In the iTunes store, under apps, there are iPod games. These are game that are for iPod models that have the click wheel. They are each $5 and some are very enjoyable.

You can either go to the iTunes Store on your computer or go to the App Store on your iPod.

On itunes you go to the app store and buy games. Then you connect your ipod to your computer and it'll automatically put them on the ipod. To download games directly to your ipod touch, if you have internet go to the app store and you can purchase games there

Yes, it can all you have to do is buy the game, download it to your computer, then put it in your iPod and there you go and enjoy your new downloaded game.P.S. - I STRONGLY suggest going on eBay to buy your iPod games because it is very cheap and useful and totally worth it, I have a lot of iPod games on my IPod Nano 5th Generation and it is the best, it actually impressed a girl :)

An iPod touch is a touch screen ipod that you can play games and email for FREE!, you can download free apps or even buy new ones

you have to buy and download games from itunes

The games for the iPod Touch were specifically meant for the iPod Touch and can only be played using an iPod Touch. If anyone could buy the apps for their computers, no one would be buying an iPod Touch. Thus, the apps can only work on the iPod, not on your computer.

Ipod touch.. too much money spent on a iphone and a ipod touch you can play awesome games and internet and pictures and music and lots more!

well for the ipod touch just open up app store if u have 1.1.5 or higher and if u have like any other ipod besides shuffle open up itunes store when u first open theres a box saying ipod store and click on the one that says ipod games and browse thru all the possible games! ENJOY! when you buy games for a nano model you can go to your ipod manager on itunes, select games, and choose which games you wamt on your ipod nano.

You can only get ipod games on an ipod nano or ipod classic. You can get apps on an ipod touch

itunes doesn't sell ipods itunes sell music, games, movies, books, apps, etc now if you meant do you have to buy you ipod at the apple the store the answer is no you can buy at other places such as walmart or best buy

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