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You use money or a credit card to pay for something. You can also use a check.

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Q: How do you buy stuff?
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You have to be membership to buy stuff with sticks. You can buy clothes, furniture and many more stuff.

Can you buy stuff online with a bank card?

i am 12 and have a bank card but can i buy stuff online with it

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You buy a lot of stuff, buy more bag space and then buy more stuff. Everything in your inventory will show up on your character page.

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What to do with dollars?

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You can't buy stuff (e.g if your on level say 2 you can't buy a chair that has a 11 on it)

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yes, you could buy baby stuff in sims, and also you could download it too. Just search in the google. I download lots of pretty stuff!

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You need your argos card to buy stuff.

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For me, I buy stuff at the end of every level. I buy the best stuff. Usually it's the running shoes.

What websites can you buy stuff on?

There are millions of websites on the internet, many of which you can buy stuff. Any good retailer has a website that you can buy things on and there are also things like flights, accommodation, entertainment etc. Some of the most well known sites you can buy stuff on include, eBay and Amazon and many others. It depends what you want to buy.

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What is the learning earning buck codes?

They are a way to get LE bucks and you can buy stuff with them.