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Not a good idea. It is called a safety switch for a reason.

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Q: How do you bypass a neutral safety switch in a GM Truck?
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Can you by pass a neutral safety switch on a 1991 f150 truck?

Can you by-pass the neutral safety switch on a 1997 ford mustang 3.8

Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1998 f150?

The 1998 Ford F1 50 pickup truck neutral safety switch is located on top of the transmission. The neutral safety switch will be near the front of the transmission.

Will the neutral safety switch stop truck from starting?


Where is neutral safety switch on 1979 Chevy truck?

in the transmission

Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1992 dodge Dakota truck?

The neutral safety switch is on the side of the transmission. It screws into the side and has a small three wire plug.

Dodge Dakota neutral switch?

The neutral safety switch on a Dodge Dakota will keep the engine from starting when the truck is in gear. It is located in the transmission case.

What is the function of the Neutral Safety Switch on a 1998 Ford Windstar?

The Ford Neutral Safety Switch is an electronic part with the main function to stop the vehicle from getting started while in gear. The truck will not start when the switch is faulty.

Neutral safety chevy 79 truck?

there is a neutral safety switch. assuming the truck is automatic trans. its at the base of the steering column on the top side. there should be two large gauge purple wires going to it.

How do you bypass neutral safety switch on 88 Toyota pickup?

if your converting your truck to manual/stick transmission youll have to join the 2 wires that connect to the neutral switch uaually found at the bottom of the t-bar theyll be the same color (simply cut and solder/join wires together)

Where is the neutral safety switch to 1999 Mazda B4000 automatic pickup truck?

switch is either on side of transmission, or under the dash

Where is the neutral safety switch on a 1999 dodge 1500 truck?

It is threaded into the transmission near the shift linkage

Where is the neutral safety switch located in a 2004 truck?

It is on the driver side of the transmission, wher the shift cable hooks to it.

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