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Q: How do you calculate effective overburden pressure on pile toe?
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How do you calculate the length of helical ring of pile?

To calculate the length of helical ring of pile, use the standard formula. The formula is pi D X the number of coils. "D" is the diameter of the coils.

How can you calculate the length of spiral ring?

the dia meter of the pile is 750mm the pitch of the sprial rings are 100mm and how to calucualte the lentngth of the rod for the one meter lkength of pile.

How do you measure pile cap formwork?

It is very simple. Just calculate the perimeter of the pile cap using the pile cap plan and just multiply this perimeter by the depth of the pile cap which can be worked from the sectional drawings or sometimes it is specified in the plan drawings itself. Eventually you get the formworks in sqm.

How does a karate player break a pile of tiles in a single bow?

pressure=force/area so force is directive propotional to pressure. how much force a karate player will put on that much pressure will apply on that pile of tile. as from the formula we get that pressure is inversely propotional to area so if the area will less then the pressure will be more and by this way the karate player brokes the piles of tiles.

Why does air pressure reduce on top of the mountain?

Air pressure is the weight of the air above you. When you ascend to some altitude above the Earth's surface, part of the air is beneath you, so the weight of the air above you, and therefor the pressure where you are, is reduced. Exactly the same reason that the pressure on the football player in the middle of the pile-up is less than the pressure on the guy with the ball, at the bottom of the pile.

What builds up as layers of sediment pile on top of each other?

falling in water

What device can use atmospheric pressure to move a liquid from one side of a pile of rocks to another?


If a and b are two real numbersexplain how you calculate the difference a-b?

The most reliable method is . . . -- On a clean tabletop or a clear area on the ground, count out 'a' objects in a neat pile. -- Remove 'b' of the objects from the pile and set them aside. -- Count the number of objects remaining in the pile. That number is (a - b).

What is a bony pile?

A Bony Pile was the waste from an underground coal mine. Piled up over time (decades) the pressure was enough to ignite the coal mixed with waste. What you got was a steaming and sulfur discharge on the surface.

How you calculate the spiral ring in pile?

The length of the spiral ring is given by the formula L=N*Pi(D+d)+8d where L=length, N=number of spirals, D=diameter of pile and d=diameter of the bar.

What do you get with 24 wrappers?

A pile of wrappers!A pile of wrappers!A pile of wrappers!A pile of wrappers!

How does gravity affect the oceans?

Gravity will tend to pull the water down the "hill" or pile of water against the pressure gradient.