How do you calculate superheat temp?

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take your gages and put them on the beginning of the evaporator (afte metering device or txv) and look at saturation temp then get your temp at the suction line (before the compressor)
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What is a calculator?

A calculator is a device that computes the solutions to mathematical problems. For instance, 41+39=80, 99-63=36, 63*5=315, 315/5=63.

What does a calculator do?

A calculator answers math problems to make life easier. Acalculator can be used to help solve equations to math problems. Acalculator helps cut down the time it takes to solve a problem byhelping with addition, multiplication, division, subtraction etc.Some special calculators can solve fractions, g ( Full Answer )

How do calculate the superheat f an air conditioner?

When you are gauged up on the unit, as close to where your temperature reading will be taken as possible, (note: ofter times the there will be access specifically for this purpose very near the txv) use a good thermometer and obtain the temperature of the suction line 6 inches out from the evaporato ( Full Answer )

What is meant by degree of superheat?

First of all, the term "superheated" generally refers to a vapor. This explanation refers to superheated vapor only. Superheat is the difference (in degrees of temperature) between a liquid's boiling point and the superheated vapor's actual temperature. For example; at sea level, the boiling point o ( Full Answer )

Calculate the heat given to a 500g steel containing 450g of water to raise the temp from 25degrees Celsius to 100The specific heat capacity of steel.510 Steel and water have the same temp changes?

The water and pot(/) have a temperature increase of 100-25 degrees C that is 75 degrees.. the formula Q=mass * SH* change in temperature can be used for both the water and the steel pot. Hence for steel pot Q=510 j/kg/degC*.5kg*75Deg C=19125 joule.. For water SH=4187 j/kg/C. QW= .45*4187*75=1413 ( Full Answer )

What is the ideal superheat?

17 to 20 degrees is should always check dry bulb at return air and outside temp to determine the correct reading

Degree of superheat?

Super heated generally refers to vapor. Super heated gas usuallycontains about 10 degrees of super heat in the gas. . +++ . I'm afraid you've muddled heat and temperature, for a start. Afluid cannot "contain" a number of degrees, but may be at thatnumber of them. This is because degrees measure te ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you lost your temps?

You need to wait until the waiting period is over and retake yourtest. If you are past needing a temporary license, you may be ableto test for your permanent license.

What temp does a incubator?

Maintain Incubator at between 99.5 and 101 degrees F. I keep mine at 100 degrees F with a humidity of about 55 to 60 %. increase to 65% three days prior to expected hatch time.

What is the temp in Russia?

The temperature in Russia is 7 degrees Celsius. Depending on theregion, winters can drop below -65 degrees Celsius.

How to calculate?

You can calculate the sum of numbers by adding numbers together.You can calculate the product of numbers by multiplying thosenumbers.

What is calculator?

a calculator is a machine in which u give some input and getting some output. Basically it is a mathematical device which perform manipulation on no. that u give to this machine as the input. we can done any arithmetic or some calculator have facility to perform some logical operation by this. By us ( Full Answer )

What is a temp?

a temp usually pertains to a temporary worker for someone. This person is given a specific time in which he/she will work. at the end of the time they will be terminated, or let go.

Where is your calculator?

If you mean on a computer, go to the Start Menu, then to the Programs menu and then to the Accessories menu. To change the calculator from an ordinary one to a scientific one, use its View menu, You can also use other applications, such as a spreadsheet, to do most of the calculations you might need ( Full Answer )

What amount of superheat is recommended for R-22?

Superheat depends on the type of metering device you are using in the equipment as well as the current state of the load. With a fixed orifice, the superheat will be high, about 20 to 30 degrees when the box is warm, down around 10-15 when the box is cold. With a txv, the superheat should be constan ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate the quantity of N2 gas required to fill a cylindarical tank 60D X 90L to a pressure of 3000 PSI at room temp?

This sounds like a school problem. Do you want the answer in kg or moles?. Pv=mRT for kg or Pv=nRT for moles. m=Pv/RT or n=Pv/RT. P=3000 psi. v= (1/4)*D*Pi*L. R for Nitrogen = 0.2968 kJ/kg-K for kg.. For moles, use the universal gas constant, 8.31451 J/mole-K, and the molecular weight of Nitro ( Full Answer )

What can a calculator do?

Let's put it this way: if you dont feel like doing your math problems, it can do it for you :).

When were calculators out?

There were small mechanical ones put out in the 1950s like miniature cash registers. But the first pocket elecronic ones were made by Sanyo, Canon, and Sharp in Japan in 1970

What is the meaning of superheat?

For example : if you want to product high steam pressure with temperature 310 C. but the real temperature is 320 C, so must be decreas less than 310 C by a device which name superheater. there are many ways to decreas the Temp. For example make the steam through water which it Temp. 120 C to make he ( Full Answer )

What is in a calculator?

the calculator has squishy buttons in the in side of it aznd a computer divise that makes it radomly come up with the answers soo fast............. this post was made by.. E.B. key to that i am not very smart... lol got ya hahahahah

How do you calculate with the calculator?

Here, let me show you an example of how you do 2 + 2 : *** Press 2, then the plus (+) sign, then 2 again. After that you press the equal (=) sign. Then, the calculator should say 4 on it's screen.

How do you calculate MW from a geothermal heat source. We know the well temp?

There is no nice and easy formula to calculate what is being asked. Turbines and generators will have different efficiency curves. Nothing was mentioned about the pressure of the steam in the question. As the temperature and pressure of the steam rise, a pound of steam will contain more energy th ( Full Answer )

What is incubation temp and hatching temp?

Eggs should be maintained at between 99.5 and 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit with a minimum of 50% humidity. The temperature can go as high as 101 but this will effect the hatch rate. Prolonged periods of cooler temps below 99.5 will cause delay in hatching.

Purpose of providing the superheater in wilcock and wilcox boiler?

To make the super saturated steam. The steam is commonly used torotate the turbines in the power generation plants. To save theturbine blades from corrosion the steam provided is made free fromH2O by making it super saturated using super-heater in theboiler. . +++ Steam free from H2O. Now there's a ( Full Answer )

What is the function of superheater?

The function of the super heater is to increase the temperature of the steam above saturation by utilising the heat from the flue gases.

Can 321 be used instead of 347H in superheater tubes?

no 321 can't be sued in place of 347H in place of superheater tubes in ammonia plant as in 321 when we weld craters devrlop which is not there in case of 347 H Niobium has more affinity than Titanium for carbon and high temperature stability of Niobium Carbide is more superior than Titanium Carbide ( Full Answer )

Can i get a calculator?

If you have a computer, you already have the calculator that is part of the computer's program.

What is suction and discharge superheat?

Suction superheat is the heat added to the refrigerant above that required to change its state from liquid to vapour (as happens in the evaporator). This heat is added both in the evaporator, in the suction line and (where applicable) in the suction accumulator. Discharge superheat is suction super ( Full Answer )

How do you mesure superheat?

take your gages and put them on the beginning of the evaporator (afte metering device or txv) and look at saturation temp then get your temp at the suction line (before the compressor) then take you first temp and your second temp and subtract you highest temp from you lowest temp and that would be ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate?

Their are many ways to calculate the things in right way. Try to use calculator or some kind of small paper in your hand if you need to calculate things in hurry.

How do you calculate heat of vaporization at any temp if it is given at boiling point?

I assume that you are referring to the "normal" boiling point, i.e. the temperature at which a substance boils at either 1 ATM or 1 bar. H vap (enthalpy of vaporization) can be found at different condition than the another temperature by the following method: 1) Use the heat capacity of the liqui ( Full Answer )

Who is Tempe Brown?

Christian motivational speaker, Tempe Brown, is also a gifted musician, songwriter, portrait artist and author of a book entitled, The Seed

Can an undercharge cause superheat?

Undercharge can cause HIGH superheat. Overcharge can cause LOW superheat. You need some superheat when charged correctly. How much is needed is depending on outdoor air temperature and indoor wet-bulb temperature.

What will happen if the superheater safety valve lift first in the boiler?

If the superheater safety valve lifts first the excess pressurewill be relieved and no damage will be done due to overheating.This is a good thing and the way it should work. If the boilersafety valve were to open first there would not be enough of asteam flow through the superheater to "cool" the t ( Full Answer )

What is the function of a superheater?

It is used to convert saturated or wet steam into dry steam foruse in steam turbines, which are used for marine propulsion and thegeneration of electricity. . +++ . Also used for steam feeding reciprocating engines such asrailway locomotives. It is not just a matter of dryness.Superheating allows ( Full Answer )

What temp can it snow?

Most people say that it has to be atleast 32 degrees for it to start snowing. But i say it has to be atleast under 36 degrees. Hope this helps.

What does high superheat indicate?

It's over charged, check the gauge if the air temp is about 80 degrees engine at idle 63 to 64 psi. 90 degrees out 70 psi with the A/C on max cool fan at high raise the rpms to about 1500 and the compressor should stay running and not go below 40 to 45 psi if the compressor starts to cycle on and of ( Full Answer )

How is a boiling water reactor's superheater 'heated'?

They don't. BWR's run wet saturated steam. There is no superheating in a BWR, because there is no way steam would come in contact with a heat source. The plant must be built to be compatible with wet steam that could condense.

What is platen superheater?

it is a low pressure heater used in the boiler system in the thermal power plants to convert the saturated steam into super heated steam.

Why you need de superheater?

To stabilize the steam temperature over varying load conditions. At high firing rates radiant superheaters can heat the steam to temperatures higher than desired, at low firing rates convection superheaters will do the same, desuperheaters balance these and stabilize the steam temperature.