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Using one of the formulae for constant acceleration: vf2 = vi2 + 2as, where vf is the final velocity, vi is the initial velocity (omit this term in this case, since the initial velocity is zero), a is the acceleration (9.8 in this case), and s is the distance.

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That is just not true! If you can calculate its average speed you should be able to calculate its speed at any point in time during its flight, including its final velocity.

They will fall at the same speed. See Galileo.

They will fall at the same speed once they reach terminal velocity.

they both fall at the same rate of speed.

Because the ball and the cart are moving at the same forward speed.

With air resistance, the ping pong ball. Without air resistance (e.g., on the Moon), both fall at the same speed.

All will fall at the same speed in vacuum because there will be no air resistance. The gravity will pull all objects in the same force.

Because both You and the ball (and everything else in the cabin for that sake) are moving with the same speed as the car :)

It depends on the time of fall or the distance of fall: Vb = g*t or Vb = √(2*g*y) where y is the distance fallen

Everything falls at the same speed. the only variable is drag. For instance a feather & a bowling ball would fall at the same speed in a vacuum, but not through the air.

A marble and a bowling ball fall at the same acceleration speed. Anything with the exact same shape falls at the same velocity. 10 meters/s/s

average speed = (distance) / (time to cover the distance) = (80/2.5) = 32 ft/sec.We know that the speed was not constant during the 2.5 seconds. But with the information given,32 ft/sec average is the only thing we can calculate.

high school volleyball is during the fall, at least where i live.

The speed at which an object falls is not affected by its weight or mass, so a solid stone ball should fall just as quickly as a hollow wooden ball. But a ball made of a rougher material could slow it down. The material of the ball should only matter if affects how smooth the ball is.

In baseball, fall ball is the sport of baseball that takes place in the fall. Where I live, fall is the less dominant season, so fall ball is not as serious as spring baseball

Untold, yet easy to calculate, late fall, 2008. USER: Cooljoe

Its Fall Ball, a league of which ever sport you choose in the Fall

H = height of fallG = acceleration of gravityAverage speed = sqrt(HG/2)

So the ball can pick up more speed. For example, if you drop a feather on the ground, it takes a longer time to fall than a heavier object, such as a notepad. A bowling ball is heavier to gain speed faster.

one good way is to play fall ball during the off season

The height of the drop-point makes no difference, as long as it is reasonably close to the earth's surface.Acceleration of gravity = 9.8 m/s2Speed at the end of 2 sec = 19.6 m/sSpeed at the end of 3 sec = 29.4 m/sAverage speed during the 3rd second = 1/2 (19.6 + 29.4) = 24.5 m/sDuring the 3rd second, it falls (24.5 x 1) = 24.5 meters.

In a vacuum, and initially in air, they would both fall at the same speed. In air though, wind resistance comes into play. The marble may reach terminal velocity at a slower speed that the bowling ball, which has a higher mass to counteract the drag from the air. Over a long drop in air, the bowling ball would accelerate to higher speeds.

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