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Q: How do you calculate theoretical frequency?
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What is the relationship between relative frequency and theoretical probability?


How do you calculate cumulative frequency and relative frequency?

c=frequency x wavelength

How do you calculate the wavelength of frequency?

Wavelength = (speed of the wave) divided by (frequency)

How do you calculate income yield?

You must first calculate the theoretical yield of your product using the balanced equation. The crude yield is divided by the theoretical yield and multiplied by 100.

How do you calculate the frequency of light emitted in chemicals?

There are several ways to calculate the frequency of light emitted or absorbed by different chemicals, and they depend on what you already know. For example, if you know the energy of the particle, then you can calculate frequency from E = planck's constant x frequency and solve for frequency. If you happen to know the wavelength, then you can use C = wavelength x frequency and solve for frequency (where C = speed of light).

Why is it impossible to calculate an exact theoretical yield of soap?

measurement inaccuracy

How do you calculate the amplitude given the frequency and the wavelength?

Amplitude doesn't depend on frequency or wavelength, so even if you know them, you have no way to calculate amplitude.

How do you calculate speed when the frequency and wavelength are given?

speed=frequency x wavelenth xD

How do you Calculate intermediate frequency?


Which of these is needed to be able to calculate the frequency?


How do you calculate predictions?

The theoretical yield is determinef by the study of the chemical reaction involved.

How do you calculate theoretical probability?

HELP ME; I Don't Know Either. It's when you♥️