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hangug-eo yeoja use Google translate if it is wrong!

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Q: How do you call Korean chick in Korean language?
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What is North Koreas language?

The language of North Korea is Korean. North Koreans call the language either Chosono or Chosonmal.

What do you call ate in Korean language?


What would a lover call his love in Korean language?


What is the name of Korean symbol?

the korean written language is actually a phonetic we would call them letters or hangul

How do you say Korean language in Korean language?

wae 왜

What do you call a baby penguins?

Chick or a fledgling

Is Korean an indo-European language?

Korean (language) is a language isolate. Although Korean has sometimes been categorized with the Altaic language family, this view is now rather outdated.

What do you do - Korean language?

to communicate well korean language,,and understand what they talkig,,and also speak well their language

Who made the Korean language?

Korean was a language that naturally developed on the Korean peninsula. King Saejong the Great was responsible for devising the current Hangeul alphabet for the Korean language. (It previously used the Chinese ideographs -- Hanzi.) Korean is not a created language; it is not Esperanto or Klingon.

How can you see the 2000 questions of Korean language test?

See related links. You can call/sms/email us.

Only for you in korean language?

"Only for you" is written as "dangsin man-ui" in the Korean language.

Why would you study the Korean language?

You could study Korean language because you need to know the language for business or other matters, as a second language, or because you want to know the language of your ancestors, if you are of Korean heritage.