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How do you call a girl for a kiss?

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huh? well if you want to kiss her you should ask her on a date or something over the phone if that's what you meen then kiss her. you don't ask, you just kiss her. but not on the first date, maybe on the second or third...

2011-09-12 23:45:48
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Q: How do you call a girl for a kiss?
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When a girl is nervous to kiss you how do you get her to kiss you?

You kiss her first. Then she'll know that you want her to kiss you and since she wants to kiss you it will work out. But first you call her hot and cute and pretty and sexy and she will kiss you.

How do you know when you should kiss?

When you no your ready to kiss. the girl you are about to kiss should be close to your face and if you see her stare at your lips. you quickly kiss her lips and stop then you give her your number to call her. good luck and dont have anything on your teeth. by:pink234 your new answer girl.

How do girl and girl kiss?

jus kiss

Do the French call a French kiss a French kiss?

They don't. Americans call it a French kiss and the French call it a kiss.

If you are a girl and you want another girl to kiss you how do you get her to kiss you?

Make sure she wants to kiss you too. Then kiss her.

What do they call a French kiss in France?

The French call a French Kiss an English Kiss.

Who do you call it if I'm a lesbian and I want to kiss a girl?

Normal. That's the point of your being lesbian.

What does it feel like when kissing a girl?

Depends on the girl you kiss, if you kiss a girl u like, its better than if u kiss a random girl

Girl kiss girl?

It's ok for one girl to kiss another girl if they are lesbians.

Did Ashley kiss a girl?

Ashley Tisdale produced a video for her song, Kiss the Girl, which can be seen on You Tube. She did not kiss a girl on the video.

Can a kiss can make a girl pregnant?

No a girl cant get pregnant from a kiss so that mean you can kiss any girl and she wont get pregnant

At what age should you kiss a girl?

You can kiss a girl from any age!

Making a girl kiss you.?

Whoah!! You can't make a girl kiss you!!

When would Justin bieber kiss a girl?

yes he will kiss a girl

I want to to do kiss a girl?

Healthy sex drive

The girl from Chris Brown kiss kiss video?

The name of the girl from the Chris Brown Kiss Kiss video is not known. Chris Brown released Kiss Kiss in 2007.

What don't you do if a girl is flirting with your boyfriend?

Call were boyfriend and say look she is flirting with you at the end kiss were boyfriend.

What do you do if a girl wants to kiss you in her room?

kiss her man! kiss her!

If a girl doesnt like to be kissed what do you do when you kiss her?

If a girl doesn't like to be kissed then you don't kiss her. If she wants to kiss you she will.

How can a girl kiss you?

A girl can kiss you by if your nice or mean hahahah or on your lips/cheeks

Did Vanessa Hudgens ever kiss a girl?

NO she didnt kiss a girl before

Did Taylor Swift kiss a girl?

I believe that Taylor swift did not kiss a girl

How do you kiss a black girl?

The same way you kiss any girl: with your lips.

Did justing bieber kiss a girl in one time?

No but the girl did kiss him on the cheek

How do you move in to kiss a girl?

your start to lean in and then turn your head to kiss a girl