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Find out the area code of the state dial "1" the area code then the person's number. If you do not know the number you can call directory assistance, 1-411 for both local and national numbers. THEN EAT YUMMY CHOCOLATE

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how to dial info in another state

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Q: How do you call someone in a different state?
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What do you call it when you call someone when they're in a different country?

It is called international calling or an overseas call.

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The state in which the services were provided

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Yes it can.

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You may be thinking of diversity of citizenship (don't confuse with whether a citizen of US), but that doesn't mean you can't sue someone who lives in a different state.

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Dial 414

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Can you have a bark mode with someone in a different state?

no you can only do it from a few yards away

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How do you text someone in a different state?

Just put there number and press send

If I call someone what am I called?

If you call someone, you are the "caller".

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