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Fig treesFig trees are easy to grow! Fig trees do well in containers and in almost all type of soil. They can be kept as small as 6" with regular pruning. Fig trees survive better if set 2 to 4 inches deeper than they were grown in the nursery. Water the plant to settle the soil firmly around the roots after planting. Do not fertilizer at planting time.

Fig trees planted at the beginning of the dormant season often develop root systems before leafing out in the spring. This can be advantageous; however, young trees are more susceptible to cold injury. Most fig tree roots are close to the soil surface and can easily dry out. Therefore, apply water to the trees as drying develops. If you observe slight leaf wilting is an indication of water stress, water more frequently during hot weather. Mulching helps maintain uniform soil moisture and reduces weed competition.

Figs do not require regular pruning. Prune fig trees annually during the first three growing seasons to establish desired shape. Generally, fig trees do not require regular fertilizing. Excessive applications of nitrogen can have a negative effect on fruit quality.

A fig tree will grow almost anywhere especially in Florida. To keep the leaves shiny use milk and a sponge. Beer and dish liquid use in a sprayer will keep the bugs off use 1 can of beer and one ounce of dish liquid. This is good for your yard too.

Choose a fig tree variety that will do well in your climate. Figs can be grown as far north as the coast of Long Island, but most do best in a warm climate such as Southern California.

Select a location for planting. Figs need some sun to propagate well and do best in full sun. The roots are vigorous so keep the tree away from septic tanks and sewer lines.

Start a tree from a hardwood cutting by taking a stem with three or four joints and place it in a container with well-drained soil. Keep the cuttings wet, but not too wet.

Remove the suckers that form at the fig tree's ground level. The pruning of a fig tree is less work if you let it grow in a bush style rather than a single trunk.

Fertilize if you want to increase your fig yield. The fig tree does well without fertilization, but feeding the tree will increase its fruit production. If you're going to fertilize, do it during the growing season from spring until late summer. Spread it around the base of each tree once a month and then water it thoroughly.

Water every week to every three weeks during dry spells depending on the soil.

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Q: How do you care for a fig tree?
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