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I'll tell you what,if your tattoo artist you are going to see does not give you complete instructions on how to care for your new tattoo then do yourself a favor an go see a real tattoo artist that does ,you will be so glad you did !
Hubby just got his first tattoo last night. The artist told us to wash it with cool water and antibacterial soap. Apply the soap with your finger and rub lightly. DO NOT scrub or rub it hard. When done, rinse with cool water and pat dry. Then apply antibiotic ointment very lightly. You need to let the skin breath but still apply a very thin layer of ointment. Do this process 3-4 times a day for 3-4 days. After that apply a white NON scented lotion to it periodically to keep it moist.

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Q: How do you care for a new tattoo?
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How can you take care of your new tattoo?

you take care of a new tatoo by not touching it

What can cause a new tattoo to fade?

because of bad tattoo material and care

Will sunscreen damage a new tattoo?

Sunscreen will give a bad smell to your tattoo. Do not apply sunscreen to your new tattoo. You may follow your artists suggestion on how to take care of it until it is healed.

Why does a new tattoo look dull?

There are a few reasons why a new tattoo looks dull. It could be bad quality or that the person did not take care of it correctly.

What can ruin a new tattoo?

not looking after it and following the after care procedure, and picking the scabs.

Can I use cetraben for my tattoo?

Can I use cetraben for tattoo care

How should I care for my eye immediately after getting an eyeball tattoo?

Eyeball tattoos are not done on the eye. Eyeball tattoos are representative of a "third eye" that is often done on the back ("watch your back") for protection or vigilance. The care of such a tattoo is no different than any other design. The tattoo artist will provide you with instructions for caring for a new tattoo.

Where should i get a new tattoo?


Do side tattoo return to original size the stretch while you pregnant?

ANSWER If you care for the tattoo properly during the healing process, and then care for the skin around the tattoo and the tattoo during pregnance everything should go back. Strech marks will effect how the tattoo will appear.

How do you care for a behind the ear tattoo?

Tattoos, of whatever location, do not actually require maintenance. The above is not true. You should care for a tattoo behind the ear like you would any other tattoo.

When was New Tattoo created?

New Tattoo was created on 2000-07-11.

What tattoo mean new beginning?

a dragonfly tattoo.

Is coconut oil good for tattoo after care?

No. you want to make sure your scabs on your new tattoo are left alone. I had a new tattoo when I went to a wedding so many people hugged me that the scab was knocked off on one section of my tattoo and when that happens you loose the part of the tattoo that had the scab come off. I also suggest you follow the advice of the person doing your tattoo.

Can i use jergens ultra healing for new tattoo?

Can i use jergens on a new tattoo

My tattoo is still red after 4 weeks?

Have you been following your after care instructions properly... Not taking care of a tattoo properly is the number one cause of tattoo infections. You could have an infection and you should see a doctor. Your tattoo should be healed by 4 weeks.

When was New York Tattoo Museum created?

New York Tattoo Museum was created in 2010.

Can you suntan with a new tattoo?

suntanning with a new tattoo is a terrible idea. the more you tan with a tattoo the more the colors disappear. if the tattoo is just black it wont make much of a difference.

What does salt water on a new tattoo do?

causes the colors in the tattoo to fade

Can you take a shower with a new tattoo?

Yes, you can shower with a new tattoo. Your shower should be quick and you should avoid wetting the area of the new tattoo for any longer than necessary. Pat your tattoo dry, instead of rubbing it.

Can you use aveeno lotion on a new tattoo?

It is best not to use Aveeno on a new tattoo. If the tattoo is still fresh it is best to use Aquaphor or A&D ointment.

Should you get a family crest tattoo?

You should get a family crest tattoo if you feel strongly about your family and are familiar with tattoo. They are permanent and must be chosen with care as they will be on the skin forever.

Can you get a tattoo in a tattoo parlor with parental consent legally?

Not in New York. You have to be 18.

How do you protect you new tattoo while swimming?

Do not swim (or take a bath) for at least 2 weeks after you get a new tattoo.

Can you go in steam room with new tattoo?

How soon after getting a new tattoo can you go into the steam room? gina

Do i only need a written consent to get a tattoo in new Zealand?

You, you do not need a written consent to get a tattoo in New Zealand.