How do you care for newborn baby rabbits?

The best thing you can do is leave well alone! Rabbits are very good mothers and will care for their kits perfectly by themselves. Just make sure your doe has plenty of good quality hay, veggies and water and let her do her job.

Remember a mother bun will only feed her kits once a day, so even if you don't see her feed them unless the kits look bony they are doing just fine.

If you absolutely have to hand rear kits it is good to be aware starting out that the survival rate of hand reared babies is very low, so it should not be attempted unless there is no other option.

You will need to contact your vets to get appropriate milk to feed them, they must not be given cows milk.
You should try to disturb the rabbit's nest as little as possible, however it is a good idea to check in the nest for deceased kits (baby rabbits) every day or two for the first ten days. During this time, it is not uncommon for kits to die. The mortality rate is rather high for kits (as it is with most rodents) because rabbits reproduce so quickly. Kits often die due to genetic abnormalities, or simply failure to thrive.